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Type49’s Mk1 Escort Rally Car Rebuild

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Overdue update... I finished welding the panhard rod bracket on the diff, tidied up the other two link brackets and shock brackets and have sent the housing away to get sand blasted.  Hopefully the panelbeater will be along this weekend to make some progress on the bodywork. 


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So the axle housing came back yesterday from the sandblasters. Had to make sure I was happy with it so I could get a couple of good coats of etch primer onto it before it rusted before my eyes. Gotta love this time of year for painting


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Have modified the axles to accept the Group 4 studs.  Have tried a trick i heard from a good friend of mine for treating the axles with dry ice, we will see how this works...


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Diff head has been given the once over (steel plate type LSD 4.9 Ratio) bearings all good, pre-load checked, seals replaced. Once painted i will assemble the rear axle.  Just need to rebuild the calipers...


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