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Type49’s Mk1 Escort Rally Car Rebuild

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Brief spec on the car before the rebuild was 1600cc Xflow, Kent 244 cam, big valve head with double springs and steel rocker posts and solid spacers. Datsun pistons and twin 45mm Webers.  4 speed Straight cut , close ratio Tran-x gear kit. English axle with a steel plate type LSD 4.9:1 Ratio.  Two link rear end. 4 wheel vented discs and bilstein shocks all round. Quick rack and a world cup cross member. All pretty normal for a rally car of that era. 

Plans for the rebuild are making it look more like a period works escort of the 70's, ie. Satin black interior with correct works twin cowl dash and centre console, correct smiths gauges etc etc. Improving the rear suspension travel by adding mini tubs and a diff tunnel. Adding a panhard rod, proper seat rails and sill mounted jacking points. 

I will still use the Tran-x 4 speed and same rear axle, i may have to change to a 5:1 diff ratio tho with the new engine. 

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In keeping with the " works spec" twin cowl dash and "Mada" centre console i thought i'd make a start on the dash. As with the works cars they started with a genuine 6 dial dash as the starting point. Now i happened to have one of these that i kept as a spare even tho someone had decided it looked good painted pink! 


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Then i drew up how the dash layout was going to look and had a mate laser cut it out of some 3mm MDF as a trial run before cutting it out of the proper laminate. 


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I painted it black and offered up all the gauges and lamps to make sure the layout was correct and was going to work in the dash surround. Very happy with the result , then i just had to finalise the wording i wanted and get it cut out in laminate. Happy days!


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