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PBaines - 1984 AE85 Levin - Race pony

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  • 2 weeks later...

I began to start looking around for the bolt on bits for the water lines, alternator bracket/alternator to get the motor supplied with the car going however another motor popped up removed from an AE85 as a complete running motor. to save me the mucking around sorting the supplied motor, thought it would be a heck of a lot easier just to use this new one!

Out came the old motor
51090902068_f45d60462f_k.jpg20210401_105010 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

In went the new motor
51090437849_3a594fbe3f_k.jpg20210401_123656 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

51090903758_1810348934_k.jpg20210401_124106 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

I'm happy I chose to get the AE86 EFI wiring which differs from AE85 because I literally just plugged everything in. And it started pretty much first pop (had to replace ECU and set timing). For anyone doing an AE85 -> AE86 conversion. don't fuck around with the AE85 wiring. spend a few pennies and get an AE86 loom. it will save you days of prodding and poking around
51090900288_78d149b5fb_k.jpg20210402_191222 by phillipbaines, on Flickr



Now that this is going i'm going to book some time with my fab guy in the next few weeks to get the seat mounts sorted and also get an exhaust made. As per the video. she's just heading straight out the coby's at the moment.. heh

Parts on the way:
Parts Shop Max rear coil overs (spring/shock full coil over, replaces separate shock/spring)
BC Gold front coil overs complete
AE86 zenki 24mm rear axles
T series diff head 
rear drive shaft of the 2 piece from Japan
KAAZ 2-way LSD New from Japan

Buy  new wheels. this isn't a rally car anymore


Once those arrive, it'll be time to drive it down the road!


Project discussion:


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