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Mr.Mk1’s ‘70 Dodge Coronet 440

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The consolidator fucked around for a week and we missed the container. Gotta wait another month until the next one, then another for it to float over.

Fuck you Robert, I’m sour!

Leisurely scraped some underseal + all the old deposits and shit off the diff to aid the sandblaster. Pulled the rear brake hose to match at work..it’s identical to the fronts just a little shorter so that’s a bonus.

talked to the blaster tonight and will tee up a quick inspection in the weekend.


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Today’s mish was to clean up and paint the bumper, then it rained.

I got a bit done but not the bulk of it as the compressor shat check valve.




I wanna do the frame in hammerite but I’ll be patient and let the black zinc cure first.

whipped the overspray and sealant off the screen trims and straightened a few bits.

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Tranny all sealed up again. 

Fuel tank straps cleaned up, welded some soft bits, rust killed and painted silver.


Still working on the wiper pivot. 


decided to grind off the rivet and drive the shaft out then clean up and reassemble, weld where the rivet was to the bracket.

walking back from the grinder the fucking alloy housing just crumbled and both wings fell off!

I have an idea for a fix but not today.

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I freed the wiper! 


fucking pot metal shit.

The shaft runs on brass bushes either end and the middle section was full of some now-solid shellac sorta shit which jammed it up good.

I have cleaned and lubed it, now trying to epoxy the housing back together. It doesn’t have to look good as it’s not seen, but it needs to be reliable when used.  The ugly repair method should work in my favour, I just have to take my time and let it fully set each time 


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My girl came through with more rock auto goodies!

New fuel sender and radius rod bushes.

I opted for the sender that has a built in return line in case I go EFI down the line.

I stripped the loom out and and pulled the Dash after work too. Nothing broke


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