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DABUZZ'z 1971 Mazda Capella RE


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Ok, so now I'm (mostly) over the mess the last panel guy carried out, i have been setting some plans in motion to start the next stage make some $ and get panels repaired properly.

So as its part of the story, ill now share pics - the pics Tbh, dont really show how bad it all is, the rear 1/4 is very buckled, and the wheel arch flare, i cant even comprehend.

You can sort of see in the first pic, where the rust was, at the very top of the flare, and at both lower corners.

panel beater suggested, that there would be more rust between the inner and outer skins, and that a whole new section should be made, and installed, that way the inner can be treated properly, this all made sense, and i agreed. panel guy - lets call him Noddy had a new arch section made off a sample i gave him, when I gave him the sample I expressly said make new section a mirror image as sample was for RHS.

this is where it turned to shit......

Noddy forgot to tell fabricator, and made as per sample, not mirrored, so profile was different.

I said lets remake the correct profile, Noddy said, nah mate, ill make it work.......









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