BJ4RYD‘s 1977 mazda 808 sedan

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Hi thought id share my project even tho its nearing completion.  

I brought this 808 from a nana from ohope when i was 19 for a sum of $900 . 

I didnt really do much i owned for a bout 8months and when i got a chance to buy my repu i sold it to pay for the shipping of the repu . 

Fast forward the best part of 8 years i was in the middle of western Australia working in construction there wasnt a heap to do so i thought id buy another rx as the repu was done . I was scrolling on trademe most nights and i noticed a 808 with the same drivers side rear 1/4 damage the nana had done same plate but had a 13bt and dressed up as a rx3 . 

So i struck a deal with the owner kirk who i had originally sold it to so i put a deposit in his account and signed a contract to give the balance on pick up so i wired my mate the cash and he went and picked it up drove it back to his where it sat for 6months before i flew home for summer holidays . 

It had a basic 13bt set up no intercooler or bov a s5 turbo 2.5" exhaust an mint s4/5 5speed open rx3 diff the engine had been rebuilt and mildly ported that set up made 265hp on 5psi and showed promise with the right set up . Also the immaculate brown 808 interior had been swapped out with shit rx3 dash and gtx familar seats the door cards are rx3 and not too bad. I drove it around no cert for the summer . Then decided when i come back from perth ill hook into it so started collecting parts to update it and make it mine . 

I moved back in 2014 and pulled motor out and started working on upgrading it . 

And from there it all snowballed into what you see now . 

So the engine hasnt changed just swapped out the fd upper for a s4 and put a rotary works 80mm billet throttle body on and some green brothers rails with 1680cc bosch indy blues and 900cc bosch injectors and a radium pulsation dampener. The fuel system got changed about 3 times current set up has a jaz 40L plastic cell a Carter lift pump -8 to surge tank then a single bosch 044 feeding a -6 hardline theres 2 x filters as well which is dead head so we run the tomi reg in the boot and ive drilled and tapped a hole in the manifold run a -3 teflon s/s braide line to reg so its rising rate. 

Turbo is 60mm borg warner 300sx wastegate gfb ex50 tial plumb back bov and 2.5"alloy plumbing . 4" stainless steel exhaust with adrenaline r muffler vee bands ect , using a k&n with a greens water/meth kit as well.

Cooling system is a green brothers set up and put together by us fab wise . Its 3" intercooler and oil cooler with a griffin radiator.  Had a e & j electric water pump but due to room restraints i end up finding a billet mechanical pump from promaz heaps of room for the spal 16" fan . My mate todd has helped out alot with ideas and fab work he made the over flow and catch tanks 

Drive line got upgraded as well put a 12LB flywheel and single disk exedy clutch and auto counter weight. We used the fc bellhousing and got a greens bros r154 adapter as i scored a brand new box off my flatmates cousin as he went to tko magum box , i brought billet selectors and retaining plate, chromoly slip yoke 1350 ujs from driftmotion in the states so hopefully its a strong box then got greens to order in a slightly shorter 9" housing from quick performance and a yukon alloy diff head and full spool with 4.6:1 ratio and 31 spline moser axles,3" driveshaft with strange and spicer yokes . 

Suspension is xyz adjustable get up on s1 rx7 struts toyshop rca's and whiteline rx2 24mm sway bar on billet pro blocks and new superpro bushes  back is stock leafs with one way adjustable ranchero shocks with caltrac bars.

Wheels on it are simmons b45 16" 7s on front 8.5s on back , drag wheels are preformance challengers 15x4 front back 14x7s 24x8 tyre. 

Brakes are stock s1 up front with hawk pads and rear are u13 discs and s13 caliper . 

Electronics are pretty fancy run a link extreme and a blackbox pdm, sensors on everything fuel temp fuel pressure oil temp pressure water temp lambda run a pressure sensor on clutch to activate 2step . Have some autometer sport comp gauages and a microtech dash that is for speedo and tach shift lights ect will be set up for boost by gear ect its all running but yet to dyno due to the lockdown .smart coils and msd leads .

Interior has a alloy center console with tin holder and drain , racetech seats momo wheel. Will do carpet and hoodlining black later on . 

Body is still as is from when the nana owned the green nose cone was nos from Melbourne ive got a nos set of door skins and sill chrome for when body work gets done along with window frame chrome and Savannah tail lights genuine not repos . A friends guna do the rust work ect but that will be further down the track . 

Alot of fab work and re-engineering had gone into the car 

The aim is to be reliable and run consistent times low 11s and maybe dip into the 10s and keep it fun, if it makes a 400hp ill be stoked . Will get it all legal at some point . 









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