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rb drifter

Rb drifters' rusty old 82 L200

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Ordered a Holley 1-4psi fuel regulator, forgot to order the fittings for it but luckily my workmate had a stash of fittings.20200424_093005_copy_490x1008.jpg.171b4f458be38e1c339523f409a639c4.jpg

Was short an adapter to a smaller barb so used a big fitting, cut the barb off, tapped it with the appropriate tap and great success! Didn't get around to fitting it to the ute just yet but hopefully over this weekend itll be tested20200424_093039_copy_490x1008.jpg.f448a47a07135c42017c8886df8ddca8.jpg20200424_104829_copy_490x1008.jpg.74d9cec4f36236558ea6e4700b57621e.jpg20200424_105507_copy_490x1008.jpg.5db4c0e41a0fcbb47ac1add0cf0231d6.jpg

hopefully this sorts the issue of the plugs being fouled real quick. Will also relocate fuel pump closer to the fuel tank too as I've been informed they're a push type fuel pump

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Mounted up the fuel regulator in engine bay and shifted fuel pump next to the fuel tank and bolted it to tray floor. Not the most ideal but it works and it's out of harm's way.20200425_124653_copy_1008x490.jpg.2e2120db522a7a1edda9b60ec104afb3.jpg20200425_171052_copy_490x1008.jpg.2a8c19e59ed645d527ede7476238db3d.jpg20200425_171045_copy_490x1008.jpg.ac0e2e57435e02c58f4c731b486af7a9.jpg

Swapped out the 3 inch tapered lowering blocks for 2 inch blocks, this was because it was sitting on bumpstops and now has some travel. 

Threw the 17 inch bbs wheels on it to see if I like them. Plus they had 215/45 tyres on that get it to the right ground clearance to pass a wof. The rears are 17x9 with a 50 offset which let's them sit inside the tray nicely so no rubbing. The fronts are 17x8 39 offset, I put 5mm slip on spacers on but they rub on full lock so may get 20/25mm bolt on spacers for the front and they will fill the gaurd a little better.20200425_175849_copy_1008x490.jpg.956cb7e3e11c9a7cafdf20bcf8ab4519.jpg20200425_175750_copy_1008x490.jpg.7d4187728aefa775efe9f4e8a730b299.jpg

And lastly did some bog and sanding on some of the rust repairs I've done, definitely hate sanding but it needs to be done 20200425_145410_copy_1008x490.jpg.8f87fb7ecf84061dd8d5518acd9ffcda.jpg


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Soooo this happened today, 4g63t sohc turbo 8 valve motor. it's been on the cards for a while but a mates old boy had bought this motor many moons ago. He had intention on using it in his old L200 but never did, so he offered it to me. 

Was told he bought it as a runner but never run it himself so was "unknown condition " but been dry stored for many years.


It was and absolute bargain I couldn't resist and then upon pickup he throws a link g3 ecu at me and tells me that was part of the deal! I am one very happy lad to say the least!!! 20200503_115904_copy_490x1008.jpg.51f52c5169fc9a39ae08cbe4f84b1978.jpg

Plan is to pull it down for inspection and we will continue from there.... haven't actually checked if it's a wideblock either but I have gearboxes to suit wide or narrow block so not fussed at all. 

following a setup a mate karl has in his mirage I'll be looking at a multipoint injection manifold and running a different ecu as ild like that g3 for my lancer turbo conversion instead.

Happy mans

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