Agent75’s Vanden Plas Princess 1100

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A bit of progress on the ol girl over the past week.

clutch was siezed “released” - new slave arrived now so I’ll pop that on. 

No fuel pump sound when car turned on. Slid fuel pump out and saw this ground wire not connected to anything (pump is In isolating rubber sleeve). Curious. Then found the body lug it should have been connected to connected to another lug connecting the body of the car to the body of the car 20mm away. Nice one previous owner. Cleaned and connected. Pumpin! Pumped some old fuel through and threw 10 litres of new in. Still no start. Pulled float bowls - no fuel and sticky valves - loosened up and cranked her over.....



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You can see the useless blue lug in the photo of the pump. Hilarious. 

Engine sounds very solid - need to get my arse in to gear and put slave on so I can taker her for a run. It’s on bump stops on left side for now but I have a replacement hydrolastic displacer and borrowed the grease gun hydrolastic tool off the guy Craig too. I helped him pull it out which gave me a good idea of the cuntyness. 

Also shampood the carpets and headlining - carpets are very very good. Still original - photos to come. Headlining is very decent but still some mould stains to come out.

And the seats..... did I mention the seats. They are unbelievable!- they look like they’re from a 5 year old car and the rear parcel shelf has been covered and is minty too. 

Suggestions for a good product to keep them supple? Mothers I guess but will take suggestions 



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Going on the weight of the seats and the thickness and everywhereness of 1960s upspec sound deadening I’m not sure if 1100cc will be enough to pull its own weight! 

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