Ben's 1964 mk3 Zephyr

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The motor that came with it had been pulled apart, most key bits were there but was missing a piston. The brother of the guy who sold it had a mk2 motor that was running when removed from a car 15 years ago. I picked that up at the weekend. Turns over, seems to have compression. Even if it's a dud it should have all the bits I need.

A previous owner has poorly installed bucket seats and aftermarket seatbelts. The seatbelts have been bolted through the B pillar.



I am sure this will be a problem with the revin. How are the seatbelts supposed to work? Do they anchor from the B pillar from factory? My workshop manual has the following, but most of the pictures I have found online seem to have a mounting point on the B pillar.


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Got the dash all finished off, pretty happy with how it looks now. Got a colour matched rattle can and a can of matte clear. Looks fairly close to the original. IMG_20190914_152454.jpg.fb853f8f106ebed08b1dfd5807bf876e.jpg


Found someone on facebook who had adapted a factory manifold to suit a weber 32/36 carb, similar to a geddes speed one.


I think I'll give it a crack, I've got a couple of spare manifolds so doesn't really matter if I screw one up. Plan is to cut off the raised mount, make a new carb flange out of 10-12mm Al plate, get that welded on then have a go at matching with a die grinder. 




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