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SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx

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Mate came over this arvo and after much messing round, finally after replacing the spark leads with random I had spare it fired first pop.

Right now I know it runs, time take it out and clean up the engine bay and subframes :)

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This weekend was productive thanks to a few friends helping (Was on dad duty as well).

While a mate was collecting the engine crane, another friend put the wheels on the car and rolled it outside. Some genius thought it'd be a good idea to do a skid (me) so I started her up, sat on the rusty floor and effortlessly ripped a single peeler. Success.


All went pretty smooth form here with removing engine, a few shitty wiring examples from the original builder (Wires crimped instead of plugged) but nothing we can't deal with. 

With minor swearing, the engine was out and it became apparent that the top radiator stay needs to probably be removable. There are scratches up the firewall on the drivers side where the rear engine bracket has about 3mm clearence when trying to remove the sucker. 

Engine was out finally and the car could go back in ready for me to remove subframes and go on a hunt for some more rust. After all that, no more photos was taken, it all went back inside in a hurry.

Spent an hour with it last night getting it to a good position to lift it on axle stands (See: Final resting ground). Plan is to take all subframes and suspension off, I have requested/ordered an energy hyperflex kit from Adam @ Speedscience. will then clean up arms stuff then Por15, install new bush and reinstall to car. 

Today also bought an engine and body loom from an SIR EG Civic. This will be sacrificed to convert the car to obd1 and also to ensure nothing is missed/fucked from the current butchered Da6 wiring job. It allows me to have free wiring for things like dash fans etc which the car doesn't have... 

And now for pictures. 

Rest now sweet Prince. 


Location of the engine until I can get new bits for it. Should probably do cambelt etc right? 


During the process, the was left in the trolley jack... Hmm


We only lifted the tow hooks. Hmmm, not this side... (Can also see the traction bar & mounts, needs to be cleaned up or redone)


Oh, don't even need to get on my hands and knees to see this lol. That bit to the left bottom is bottom rad stay BTW. You shouldn't be able to see light through that other hole... 


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Progress slowing down, fell into employment however got a couple things done, and ordered, then delivered. 

Firstly a video of it back in it's hay day for you who don't have a tinfoil hat and use FB.


1) Got the sub-frames out and all the hubs etc. Only have fuel tank and dash to remove now.

2) Bought and received a new engine and body loom. Got an EG9 Civic loom. Few reasons. Currently it's all been done with a OBD0 DA6 Integra loom , new EG9 loom is OBD1 which converts great for a tuneable ecu. The builder of the car originally hacked out literally every wire that wasn't needed and bundled loose wires with cable ties so not really sure what I do and don't have anymore. Finally everything was stripped from the dash so I don't have fans, radio, anything that wasn't 100% needed to run an engine was removed. I'd like to change that a little.

3) Bought a full car bush kit from Energy suspension through Adam @ Speedscience


Need: (Not a huge amount is ever recorded on the interwebs about how to modify these era of cars to get any sort of handling performance out of them, so this is all my own RnD)

1)  Need to head to PaP to investigate if the Honda Oddysey caliper bracket (You can google it yourself) will space the caliper enough so I can run some spare 96 spec ITR front calipers on EG9 disks. Choice upgrade as I have like 230mm disks currently from an AV Integra, so a 262mm and ITR caliper will make a massive difference.

2) Next on the investigation thing is a retrofitted rear sway bar as it doesn't have one, and I think it would really be beneficial to have one.

3) Shortened shocks for the front so I can lower it just a smidgen more (torsion bar front) and still get good travel (Y) Possibly for the rear as well, but I feel the fronts are going to be more complicated. Idea I'm tossing up at the moment is potentially figuring out if shocks form another car will work.


So when I have free time I'll just be continuing on grinding back body rust, and sandblast or vapour blast the sub-frames etc in preparation for POR15 and newly acquired bushes, then they can be stored away in my spare car storage system ready to be reinstalled.

Thanks for reading.

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