Stu's 4agte 85 EP71 Starlet and 4age 84 AE86 Levin

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Small progress is better than no progress:

The fuel rail looked pretty shitty and I want to run -6 lines so I did the old weld it up trick that I've done for many customers over the years.  





Also needed to add a wideband bung and slightly change the angle of the collector outlet as it was a bit close to the floor:




But shit news, the LSD I have is dead and I really cant be arsed measuring and drawing it all to make new parts on the mill.  Anyone have a decent T series LSD for me before I go and buy one? TRD/Kaaz/Cusco etc, anything considered.



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Rust repairs and painting gives me the shits, would much rather be doing exciting things... like smokey 11's

Anywho, some more progress, back bumper was hiding some gems which needed dealing to.



paint-16-09-19-03.jpg paint-16-09-19-04.jpg paint-16-09-19-05.jpg

paint-16-09-19-07-1.jpg  paint-16-09-19-09-1.jpg

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