Stu's 4agte 85 EP71 Starlet and 4age 84 AE86 Levin

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Small progress is better than no progress:

The fuel rail looked pretty shitty and I want to run -6 lines so I did the old weld it up trick that I've done for many customers over the years.  





Also needed to add a wideband bung and slightly change the angle of the collector outlet as it was a bit close to the floor:




But shit news, the LSD I have is dead and I really cant be arsed measuring and drawing it all to make new parts on the mill.  Anyone have a decent T series LSD for me before I go and buy one? TRD/Kaaz/Cusco etc, anything considered.



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Just a waiting game while the painting guy does stuff.  I decided to take the side trim off so the guards needed a bit more work but are all in primer again now.  Body is coming along very slowly.  Front bumper is off to get fixed as theres a few cracks in it.  Painting is boring so just one photo for now.



In other news these arrived... finally.  I run FA stuff in the EP and its pretty good, so thought Id have a stab at it for the AE too.  Spenny, but hopefully worth it.



20190829_210923.jpg  20190829_210823.jpg

Went with 8kg and 6kg and the shortest possible rear shocks.  Will order some new bearings and maybe rotors sometime soon.  No rush without the car here.


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