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Flash's 1965 Ford Thames

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Previous owner provided me with a few snaps taken of the van after it had been blasted. Apologies for the grainy quality.

The body was amazingly solid for an old British van. Zero rust holes and just a patch of bog in the back door from a previous repair. The bog was removed and the door was beaten back into shape. 

Bare metal 1.jpg

Bare metal 6.jpg

Bare metal 3.jpg

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Got a few minutes in the shed yesterday arvo and spotted some minor few things that need doing. Looks like the rear indicator lights have been fitted incorrectly. The van looks cross eyed at the moment.

Sun visors are flopping about and only have a single self tapper holding them in. I found the other self tappers in a clearly marked zip lock bag in the box of bits and pieces that came with the van. There must be a reason why these haven't been installed.

Also in the box of spares are the original back bumperettes which I'm keen to fit. Will get on to these when I next get a gap. 

Many other things still to add to the list.

Rear indicator before.jpg

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