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Running gear install 

For those wanting a face to the name, I'm Cole on the left. My car is on the right. My sister Jessie's car is on the left and my old man Darrell is on the right. 

13  x 7 Hotwires sourced from Wainuiomata for $350... All had 7mm tread on 185/70/13 Supercats. $250 of polishing and they turned up mint. Need a coat of black paint now






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Bit of a cheeky update from end of last year...

Engine in, running and driving! just no brakes, but who needs them.





We've been filling, sanding and filling some more. Aiming to get highfill primer on before we come out of lock down :D then some more sanding...


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Managed to get the rest of the panels bolted on, sanded and ready for highfill primer! Finished masking up and blew over it today. Will get onto sanding tomorrow and give it another blow over. 

Aiming to have it at the paint shop next week!





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