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Well, Page 4 dredge... 

BUT, I have been doing things. Like non-stop, really trying to get things moving on this. 

I have:

-Made side steps/rock sliders, brush guard/flare extensions and a tube front bumper w/ winch cradle (not quite finished)
-Almost finished the dog box to cover the rear of the engine.
-Mostly rebuilt the front diff swivel seals/bearings/brakes (still waiting on some bits)
-Bolted in 4' lift springs/refurbed radius arms/drop boxes etc. Panhard rod in to keep things centred, still need tie rod/drag link. 
-Made passenger seat plate/gearbox and transfer case covers (still have to do drivers side but that's the easy one, as passenger side needed clearance for transfer case lever. 
-Completely modified the firewall for Patrol steering column and made a plate to bolt in the Patrol column (still needs to be shortened at steering box end).
-Made mounts for oil cooler and run AN lines to sandwich plate.
-Made lines for catch can/mounted catch can.
-Made funky cover for headlight hole that is now intercooler pipe routing (1 down, 1 to go).
-Painted tray in Raptor black and reassembled, bolted to ute.
-Installed bonnet latches, made mounting points for pins, installed pins. 
-Purchased a Wilwood pedal box and started mounting that. 

And probably lots of other little things, installed new TPS, had driveshaft loop made, etc.

Just generally hemorrhaging money and time. 

I'm gonna just add a few photos here, and then properly update in the next few days. Getting any half decent pics where it is in the shed is difficult.

Image preview

Image previewuT&thumbnailType=2&owa=outlook.live.com&

 (Dog box is a lot further along but apparently I completely forgot to take any photos)




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