Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

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Hi Guys. I haven't been on the forums for a while. Some of you might remember my Avenger "Panther"

Well I have started my next Avenger, this one is code named Hydra for reasons which will become clear.  

A little back story first.

Went up to view the wagon back in September of last year.


Loved it so much that I took the Charger up the next weekend and towed it back home


Only took me a couple of days to get it back up on the road. Pretty much only needed the brakes redone.

Looked pretty damn sweet with my personalised plates on it.




Cleared out some room in the garage so I could fit all three cars in 



Took it on a little road trip over the Xmas break in the Wagon, but it only had the original 4 speed gearbox and a 4.11:1 diff so it revs at 4,000RPM at 100KPH, so I knew something had to be done. 

First night we stayed in this awesome little bach in Urenui, just north of New Plymouth.



Then we did the Forgotten Worlds Highway. Had this awesome tunnel and gravel roads, that was a bit challenging with how low the wagon is.

Then the next night we stayed at a bach in Mangakino 



Also took it to some car shows with my Avenger Panther, and one of my friends Avenger's


Then took the wagon down to Papamoa for the long weekend.


Now is where the fun bit starts.

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Created the inlet for the air filter


Looking down in to the air filter


The air filter comes out the hole for the old heater and sucks air in through the vent up by the window.



Created a box around the air filter.


Created the mount for the ECU.



Tack welded all the seams in the engine bay


Also tack welded and gusseted the suspension strut mounts


New custom drive shaft and hoop.


Finished off the transmission tunnel.

While I was taking out the demister duct I saw this cool sticker. It looks like it is the ID tag for an order of 50 left hand demister ducts. This one must have been at the top of a stack of them.


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