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Mrs WLDRX2's Mazda B1600

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So June last year, on another ute pick up mission, Becky spotted a wee b1600 sitting sad and unloved in the back yard of a Timaru workshop.

It looked solid enough with only a small amount of rust in the wiper panel, but the floor of the wellside was long gone, but the rego was on hold, and was in overall tidy condition.

Where it was sitting for 10 years




b1600 ute.jpg


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Beckys plan was/is to just tidy it up fix the rust, get a wof and enjoy.

I um got a wee bit side tracked as I do, and dropped it off to a mate to do the "small" repairs needed for a wof.

but without Becky there we got a bit excited .

b1600 1.jpg

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The rust was removed from around the wiper panel, and as expected, there was far more than you could see.

Then with the rear glass out a small amount of rust was starting in the frame, so that was fixed, a previous impact on the front edge of the bonnet needed looking at and then and then and then, you get it.

Beckys planed small tidy up has hit a bump (me) and has snowballed . woops. 

But in good news, the wellside will have a new floor and the ute will be ten times tidier than before, and that sweet racing stripe will be gone.


b1600 3.jpg

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