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Long time stalker, first time poster.

So I brought this NZ new 1983 KP60 Starlet back in August, and will be giving it a spruce up over the next 2 years. The end goal is to do the MG classic meeting at Manfeild in November 2020.

I’m only the 5th owner, the first 3 being old ladies and the last being an older guy that had it for 20 years, so it is all original with a genuine 408,000km on the clock.





still on the original 2K, but it’s pretty tired.

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Over the last couple of months I’ve been doing a few small jobs on the car, mainly tidying things up and replacing worn out components.



The previous owner couldn’t be assed spending $50 on a new set of proper HT leads, so bodged something up himself using a garden hose to preven arcing to the cylinder head!

Needless to say I have fitted a proper set of HT leads and replaced the spark plugs.

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One of the rear shocks was leaking , so I replace both sides. 128D02ED-88CE-4247-A2DD-C4EEFF0225C5.thumb.jpeg.a551f97ca5ff0bdade2b6615c371e6b4.jpeg

I’ll get some shortened shocks when I get around to lowering it, but these will do for now.

I also cleaned up the rear inner guards whilst I had the shocks out, and gave them a coat of under seal, but forgot to take photos.

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Scored a 4K and K50 via trade me on Monday, and the bonus was that it was local. Most the the engines that seem to be coming up for sale are either in Auckland or Christchurch 


For now itwill go into the car as it is, but will eventually get a big birthday with a cam, Webber carb, rings and bearings, some compression and a port and polish

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Wow long time no post.

haven’t done a whole lot on the car over the last couple of years, but will post up some photos of the small progress.

rebuilt the front brake calipers as they were seized and the pads were almost non -existent.

Also replaces the front rotors as they were under minimum thickness, ended up getting a set of 233mm discs machined down to 203mm, they will do until I get around to a brake upgrade 





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