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rxtoy's Toyota Corolla Sprinter

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When I was helping my mate clean out his workshop I saw a random old Toyota steering wheel, I grabbed it thinking it was off an MX22 he stripped a while back but now I've had a Google I'm thinking its very likely the original KE15 one. Way better than the rusty aftermarket shitter that was there


had a good look through the interior, door cards and roof lining are mint, seats are pretty much totally fucked from the sun. Will keep an eye out for decent KE20 interior in black.


found the original service book, with vouchers! Hadn't even used the 48,000 km one, the dash shows 52,000 so I'm wondering if it's actually only done those km's. First owner had her until at least 2000, last rego paper showed a pensioner discount. Original tool kit was missing one spanner, and had a dirty Nissan screwdriver

ive got these MX22 hubcaps which I wouldn't mind using but it turns out that 14" wheels in 4x110 only came on R100's, and people want drug money for the, these days so I may need a plan B





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Pushed this out of the garage today to give it a wash and see what I'm actually dealing with, tried polishing the boot to get rid of the surface rust, it's better but still needs more workIMG_4314.JPG.ced4ec79bd032b1563fbb3a70a69fa60.JPG




and I pushed it all the way up the driveway purely for a pic with the crown, GF was very unimpressed when I told her the actual reason I made her help. It's TINY compared to the crown


also picked up the rest of the stuff that comes with it, except I've missed the struts I just realised.

IMG_4306.JPG.807507bf00b8600736301558308fbed0.JPG7K-E and G52 box fit nicely in the back of the daily

And I got the wheels, 14x7 and 14x6.5 watanabes, minor positive offsets, I'm pretty stoked with these! Although they require a stud pattern change to 4x114.3



can anybody ID K sumps by eye? I need a 4K one, this came with, no idea if it's the right one





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thats  mates sedan that he just picked up for parts for his KE16



i did however pull a 2K? And K40 out of a KE26 so am making progress again





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I've actually been making HEAPS of progress, decided I wanted to get it to the car show I help organise on Sunday, Toyotas at the Quay, so I've been putting in lots of hours. Cleaned the engine and box, replaced everything I could think of/easily get, painted a bunch of stuff, cleaned up some firewall rust, modified the KE26 gearbox crossmember, did all the associated manual swap stuff to the formerly auto KE15

A friend bought me extractors so fitted those and got a new exhaust made. Home tuned the carb, had massive problems getting it running right and it's still not quite there drove it to the exhaust shop with just headers which turned into a 4 hour mission with lack of power, a carb rebuild, a loss of clutch cable, a breakdown, pushing the thing out of traffic twice, side of the road bodge ups, etc. fun times when you're rushing things

Still got lots more finishing touches but it's running and driving fairly well so I'll let the pics tell the rest of the story. 


Oh, and a mate loaned me his watanabes, I'm not much of a fat tyre fan but these things really suit it. Still need to take an inch or so out of the height in the front










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