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Oldmatedans 76 ta23 st

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So got her home washed mucked around rekitting clutch master and slave cylinders 

Whipped fuel tank out good Descale clean out saw that right brand spanker fuel pump too

Run real good in the drive way soon as you'd back out of the driveway temp would creep way up hmmmm flow issue

Strip radiator and water pump 

Impeller wasn't even on the pump had come of shaft so that's a good find rad was blocked with thick brown stuff smelled like puke 

Got that all back together got it hot 

Cheeky drive out in the boom box so grouse to drive 

Happy that it drives this mint for sitting so long

Started picking round for some rot to fix

off dans phone 025.JPG

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Yeah right 

So the rust repairs well be doing are ÷ drivers sills inner and outer

                                                                 ÷patch in drivers floor medium

                                                                ÷passenger sills inner and outer

                                                                ÷massive patch passenger floor

                                                                ÷spare wheel well ,wheel will almost drop clean through

figure I'll do the bare minimum of repairs so I can get her a wof and re go 

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This is what greeted me on lhs inner sill

Pics are a bit off centre where's snoozin when u need him?

Will post a pic of pass floor too 

Stay tuned

off dans phone 033.JPG

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Rhs outer sill out the way

Got the inner sill to unpick and a smaller patch to put in drivers floor 

Thought about cutting this piece out of the white shell but kinda reeks of effort

Like the idea of putting clean thicker steel in but like the swages etc that factory floor would have

Skills aren't that well skilled yet 

Moving on.......

off dans phone 020.JPG

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