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Marsh's Mitsubishi Express (Awesome Express)


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After looking at this at my mates house for a while now, I finally decided to buy her. 1980 Mitsubishi Express in need of some love. Plan is to fix the little bits of rust, chuck a motor into her and add some wheels. 





Started digging through to clean out all of the goodies that came with it and found an original tool kit hidden under the seats



Better photos are on the way when it gets pushed outside to be washed in between snow and rain shower.Oh and why its called the Awesome Express,


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Updating with better photos. Did the first thing you do with any new car and tried on my sets of wheels to see what they all looked like. Think I've decided on the Enkeis for her. 6s for the front and 7s for the back. Also gave her a wash and started to clean all the random crap out of the car.1.jpg.d771a62880a46855c308bf32df2150f9.jpg





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Progress has been slow over winter. I've been trying to find new front guards for her as the ones on there have speed holes. Have successfully acquired motor to drop in. Its a 4G63, nothing special but should run nicely. Came with a parts ute for my ute wrapped around it. Makes it much easier to remove a motor with no body in the way.



Ripped it out and starting stripping the cambelt off to be replaced and to start to paint it up. Will look similar to my utes motor just going to use a metallic orange instead of the red.


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Being shocking at moving pictures from my phone to laptop and hating making post without photos this update is a month or so old.

Got the motor into the Express now and are one step closer to getting her going. Due to working on other vehicles this is about as far as I have gotten but will add a picture to see progress.



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With my holidays over the start of February I finally got some more done. Semi fitted radiator and headers and sent it off to get the rust fixed. Custom Panels got left with her for a few weeks and came back with a lot less holey metal in the back of the car. Tried on my newest pair of wheels. Like the look but decided I need to fit bigger tyres sometime. Its sitting quite low, found out Im going to need new back shocks to keep the springs captive.



Front crossmember is sitting pretty close to the ground. Will have to measure properly when on level ground and get the bigger rear tyres on her.



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Also splashed out on a new exhaust. Went shiney as well its shiney. Drove it to the shop with open headers and can not recommend doing that...

Sounded wicked with open headers under full throttle but popped like a bitch on deceleration. Hearing recovered after a day or so




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