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Johnnyfive's '73 Landy

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So no update as far as working on it goes. But I've been trying to do some digging into the engine swap and if its ever been legit. 

No sign of cert, previous owners and LVVTA have no record of a declaration ever being issued for it, last WOF issued in '05, and engine swapped a long time before that.

There is a possibility the original engine is still available so if the LD28 conversion is too difficult to get up to a certable state then maybe going back to OE is an option. 

The other problem with the LD28 is its mounting. The oil pump lines up pretty well with the diff head, and hits it pretty easily from what I'm told. 

I also found out apparently it has had some kind of modification done to the transfer case or gearbox to give it a better final drive ratio? I'm not quite sure what it entailed though. 

Heres a bad picture of the sump/diff

35937171056_b3905f06f0_k.jpgIMG_20170513_155448 by John Bell, on Flickr

And heres a bad picture of the bellhousing adapter.

35168392593_b71d1750ea_k.jpgIMG_20170522_155601 by John Bell, on Flickr


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So no work has been done, surprise? 

I had tentatively decided I wanted some rad looking Deestone tyres in the factory size for this thing when the time arrived, accidentally found and bought these cheap, will get the Land Rover rims tidied up and the tyres swapped over sometime... So if anyone wants to buy some split rims for a Landcruiser holla at cha boy. 

36323356522_0d780d4644_o.jpg2017-08-11_01-01-03 by John Bell, on Flickr

Might try track down a second set of rims and still get some Deestones too anyway cause you always need options. 

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So if you thought I'd been sitting around doing nothing for about 6 months, you'd be correct for at least 90% of the time.
I figured the clutch slave cylinder was seized in the fully extended position. So acquired a replacement from a nice man at (very cheap, A+)


40216330711_3c709e4f42_o.jpgIMG_20171224_164235 by John Bell, on Flickr

Old and gross

26343865838_e6f6266160_o.jpgIMG_20171224_171726 by John Bell, on Flickr

This allowed me to give it it's first drive in over 10 years on Christmas Eve which was nice although somewhat alarming. Will need a thorough going over before I get too keen to go too far from the farm.

39318339575_20b539fa53_o.jpgIMG_20171224_201520 by John Bell, on Flickr

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