PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

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This weekend was good, learn a bit prepping some panels and they've come out pretty well!!
Please excuse potato cam photos.


Just gloss blacked the steering setup. The tie rods look reassembly good and the bushes are in good shape



Guards and valance done, looking tip top, very happy with the result so far:



Then i tore the brake master cylinder apart, gave it a good clean, put new gasket goo around and gave the block a paint, and chucked the brake lines back in


Onto the doors next weekend!!!





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This weekend I did some wiring which seemed to have decided it didn't want to work since disassembly, to be fair I didn't check anything before I ripped it apart so hard to be sure.

1) Fixed the reverse lamps on the rear lenses to work when in Reverse gear
2) Rewired the KE30 loom to be of KE35 pin layout type, and run and rejuggle new/existing wires to the cluster


This is for the reverse lamp, it's a different setup from the K40 that came with the car so had to to do some rejigging with the wiring. I don't have any new terminals so just chopped up some old ones, soldered and heat shrinked them up






Tired of looking at this awful bonnet, I brush painted it with black epoxy paint. If I decide to fix all the errors with it one day, I will. otherwise it can stay like this until I find a new one that isn't so buggered







I also had a nice VDO tachometer I thought would be marvelous in the cluster.


This water gauge too. I thought I could just get it all in there and swap it out for a VDO one later on


After chopping and slicing, pulling things apart it came together


only 30% of these wires are used, but I thought I would just put them all together anyway to keep them nice and tidy. This is a 24-pin ATX plug most commonly found in computers. I've got loads of these around and thought what a good way to assemble it all





**I have two of these clusters so I can always go back to original if need be!!!




So now I have a very accurate tacho, which looks pretty sweet and a water gauge to know how hot my baby 4k really is.
45511494051_1186f0ea7d_o.jpg_MG_0379 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

it's crooked... I'll fix it when I get the new VDO gauge


till next weekend!



Build discussion:



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Semi productive weekend, wasn't able to do much. I'm just waiting on parts now.

this weekend I bought:
Front half of center console (got a line on a rear half so that's good)
Front seats (need a massive clean)
SR steering wheel

Rear shoes and new drum cylinder as the ones in there were absolute wrecked
Ordered front pads to do next weekend. I'll get a price to rebuild the front calipers too






Dope wheel:


kewl seats:


I'll be getting a pro to do the bonnet. it's just too far out of my league to fix. it's bent in funny places, rust everywhere. These bonnets are hard to find so will get someone to do the prep on it and I maybe the paint... will see


But in much cooler news.................


Water pump leaks, exhaust leaks out the gaskets. but it runs. I'll fix those few minor things too



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This weekend I decided to go ask about getting some carpet underlay to whip under neath the carpet in the cabin to make it a bit more homely. Ended up getting a big slab of it for free! Thank god for useless offcuts..


I am no professional fitter by any means. it didn't really come out nice in 3 cut sections but it will all fit in well when the carpet goes back in
48565370997_cc4beccfb6_o.jpg20190817_181032 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

I also got sick of the awful looking dirt ridden seats that are impossible to find in any sort of 'good' condition so the cheapest fix is to show down to Super Cheap and get some car covers. Which look 10000% better, 
48565227056_3f39c8bcbb_o.jpg20190817_143241 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565371122_b645d438c7_o.jpg20190817_152236 by phillipbaines, on Flickr


After installed, got some snaps. List hasn't changed since last weekend but now it's a bit more respectable.
48565372712_df6f37af1a_o.jpg3 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565372897_4975365412_o.jpg1 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565227206_c522023231_o.jpg11 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565372837_e3c62d83c7_o.jpg2 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565228226_59684dece0_o.jpg4 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565372312_e8815ac07b_o.jpg5 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565372102_0d3248a4e2_o.jpg6 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565227371_7c4063a760_o.jpg10 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565371807_b4bd26761b_o.jpg8 by phillipbaines, on Flickr

48565227706_1d2d81322a_o.jpg7 by phillipbaines, on Flickr


Build Discussion:


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