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Kimjon's drift trike V2.0

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I wasn't happy with my first attempt at making a drift I made version 2.0



There's well over 30hrs put into making this bad boy. I started with a kids drift trike, and there really isn't that much of it left untouched. I won't bore you with a step by step...but there were many. Its a tad underpowered, but in saying that...its got enough to get you into trouble :-)

Crazy fun for something so simple!


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So today I dragged this out, added a much bigger walbro carb, made a custom manifold to adapt this carb to fit. Then made an expansion chamber...and ended up with about double the power!!!


Then thrashed it for about 20 minutes off and on tuning it dialed it sweet...Then smash!!! I stacked it hitting the tow bar of our family car. No damage to the car, but drift trike - ummmm yeah/nah.



Motor still goes surprisingly. So I may be able to weld up a new bracket to pick up the bolts on another part of the motor?

Oh well, guess it's true..."the faster you go, the bigger the mess".

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As they can't keep a good drift trike down. I bent it back into shape, and got it ruining again all be it with different mounting holes on the motor as the old holes broke off. 


Crack in case, but it's just the fan cover side, so this was my solution.


Got in tuned, but the power band is way up in the rev range so I'm not seeing its potential in my driveway (not enough room)...But it increased power all the way through the range as well, so still way better... I'm happy its only 49cc.



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