tripleo's 1966 Mk1 Triumph 2000

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Got some work done today, Decided to fix up a little rust hole in drivers side sill. Ended up taking most of the sill off.

IMG_20170218_102655 (Medium).jpg

Started of with this wee little hole, pulled the cutout out and lo and behold. lots of rust :(

IMG_20170218_174948 (Medium).jpg

Lots of surface rust on the frame rail has been wire wheeled off.

IMG_20170218_175038 (Medium).jpg

Frame rail solid apart from here, Metal very thin and lined with holes. Quite an awkward place to work, need to take the whole fender off to remove the rest of the sill.

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I can't believe how long it has been since last updating on here. Very little has been done as I've been busy with my last year of school (mostly laziness). I'm hoping to get stuck in over the summer break though. 

Here is a tiny bit I have done though. Mostly just finding more rust

Rust on the right hand side sill door jamb thingy.


Not to bad on the backside of the fender


And more rust :( This is at the front side left rear wheel arch. IMG_20171113_201521.thumb.jpg.af504a6301a0662009fb005bc0a3d908.jpg

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