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Hey all,

Here is my recently purchased KE20 Toyota Corolla. Bought on Trademe from Hamilton and delivered to Christchurch.





Here is all the info as provided on Trademe:

1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 Sedan.

Car is deregistered and has been in storage since ~2001.

The good, everything is there, interior is in good condition, engine runs I have driven to Auckland and back from Hamilton but would be due an overhaul.

The bad, all panels have dents, someone has attempted panel/paint poorly on it.

In Jan 2011 I took it in for VIN inspection, it failed exhaust mount, brakes and damage on LH inner guard.

The brakes and exhaust are trivial.

Upon inspection of the damage it will need LH A pillar section replaced. I have a replacement cut to do so.

Unfortunately I don't have enough space to keep it dry stored so needs to be sold.

Here are the main photos displayed on the auction:









Once the car was delivered finally i got to inspect the car fully. Saying that the panel work is bad is a understatement. Although something that is fixable and i can work through to get it back to its former glory.

The interior is as mint as it looks. No rips no Tears all original. The only things that the interior is missing is the inner door pulls (Which im looking for if anyone knows of any). It has the original conversion chart and the original tool kit too.

So i had to take it for a few drives.




Heres the damage that needs to be repaired and the replacement section it came with:












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Some more paint work progress, Whole car is now in undercoat. This week i will be taking it in for its first Re-Vin inspection. Hopefully on Tuesday. After it is re registered ill be high filling the car and then working on getting it fully repainted in baby blue.






Updates to come after its first inspection

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Re-vin didn't quite go as smoothly as i first hoped, although they didn't find the rust in the front left pillar that we repaired they did find a whole lot more!

Heres a what they failed me on:


But on my way home i proved to a few of my friends that the trusty 1200 could get to 100kmph after some debate hah



Ill ring in a few weeks when their repair certifier is back so i can get that all sorted but until then ill do the rest


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The rear tires have been respectfully replaced with some 13inch Tridents. 185's on the back and 175's on the front to stop rubbing. The exhaust pipe has been replaced with a muffler we have lying around, although the whole exhaust system will need replacing at some point as its all rusted. We found the back left rear brake cylinder to be leaking hence the un-balanced breaks, so i bought one from Repco and replaced that. Next on the list is to get a rear break hose made and then wait for the repair certifier to get back


I think its justified that they asked me to replace the muffler



So now shes parked awaiting her brake hose and cert




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Exciting day today, but heres the lead up to it:

Just a few random photos of driving around the block when it wasnt registered



And when it snowed i took it for a wee drive


So to get it registered since last time i fixed the brake hose etc and got that all checked out but they couldnt sign it off until the repair cert was done, and the guy doing it decided that they would have surgery the day that i got the rest checked out so i had to wait over the weekend. I got that all signed off today after alot of hassle and stress fro the guys i got at done at, along with a hefty bill for him purely to look at it as we did the repair work. heres the repaired product





And today FINALLY after 6months of having the car i got it registered. Beyond excited and youll see me around christchurch for a few weeks unitl it gets a little bit warmer so i can paint it



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And here she goes. Really stoked with the color that was mixed up for me at RJP. They couldn't work off the paint code i had so i got it matched with the under side of the boot lid (Almost the only blue i had left). So after getting it as straight as i could for a beginner paint job i high filled it once and wet sanded with 400. Then high filled it again and wet sanded with 600. I wasn't happy with the finish that i got after that so i redid it and got it to a stage i was happy with. Then i pulled the doors off and got rid of all the surface rust that was beginning to form inside the door sills. I high filled that and sanded it with 600. Then tonight i finally got a coat of paint on them. Very happy with how it came out. Next step is to put the doors back on and wet sand the outside for one last time until i coat it tomorrow.







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Shes now for sale! Time to move her along and start my next project or maybe finish the other ones ive had sitting there for while.


Heres the trademe auction:



All offers considered but am happy to keep til i get what i want. Swaps also considered if its oldschool.

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