Kustom Kreeps 1949 Hudson Leadsled

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Got home from being away scraping off under sealer from the Hudson to have my old man and his mate roll up with 74 Valiant to park up for the week at my place.

Not the 1970 Buick GSX im after but has potential i guess. Two to many doors and a
lot of other work needed.

Anyway. Anyone have any tips for removing undersealer? Gave a scraper and some power tools a go but the darn stuff is rock solid. After sitting so long all dry in a shed its turned to rock and stuck on. Not flaking off in sheets like we hoped.
Other than media blasting?
I hear petrol works then scraper. Any tried this?

Missus cleaned up the old seats. Vacuumed out most of the old rat turds, walnuts, nests and filler from the underside of the seats.
Now need to find a decent upholsterer. Any recommendations? Im located in Waimate so mid South island.

Considering they are near 70 years old they & had been used by rats as a house they are in pretty good shape really. Still stink though. Springs all seem fine along with the frames. So good bones for what ever we add on them.

Originally we thought get a Kanter kit and give it a go but then we would face issues with fabrics not matching the doors and other parts of interior.

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Spring is here, sun is shining and the welder is sending beautiful sparks in the air.

Progress is picking up.

Engine is out as is obvious from the above pic.
The jig that was made up way back when the Hudson was still whole to mark out the holes to mount any panel work is in place and everything is looking good. A few tweaks will be needed but other than that pretty happy with it.

A better look at the trans mount and brace that strengthens up the frame so the whole thing dosnt collapse inwards as the sides flay outwards like some molten pudding. (im on a bit of a sweet vibe at the moment- would totally demolish a pack of licorice). Any who this shows the top hat cross sections way better than the last posts pictures. They will be out soon so the frame can be strengthen up.

Pic above is for Hnstray on HAMB (I post this build on multiple sites). Showing the diagonal "braces" and how they are mounted on conveyor belt rubber at the bottoms so don't really add anything in the way of bracing. From the jig you can see how they are used mainly to mount the inner guards. That bracket up top held the horns.

A better look at the jig that marks the mounting holes.
Once everything is marked out the front clip will be taken off. Braced up where needed at the back.
Holes cut - both for mounting the panels and rad but also larger ones to help add a crumple zone. Part of the NZ cert rules say we must have a crumple zone to help absorb an impact. So those nice big ol holes we used when doing the rear end will be brought forward up front.
The half pipe notching for the steering arms will also add to the whole crumple zone.
Then weld it all together, add a lick of paint, put it all together along with the engine panels, rad etc to make sure it all fits.


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Some one on one of the forums I post on asked to see the gusseting a bit better.
So images of it below.
Outter side:
Basically the rails are cut at 45degress there.
Plated on the sides along with top and bottom.
Circles cut to show the 45 joins(or lack of it as you see)

Cert chap ran his eye over everything. He is more than happy with the front and rear end. Only comment was to add a small bit of triangle bracing to the above image just under the floor pan there. Looking at the original chassis they had some thin metal sheet riveted on in this spot. Its no biggie and will do once the cars up in the air.

I was a bit worried about the tie rod ends at the back. Being welded not a one piece. But he was happy with them. He explained the one piece are needed for certain rolls but the welded ones I have for the purpose they are being used for are fine. yey.
So ya big tick by the cert guy for the work so far.

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Summer Dayz have been good.
With the sun shining the 52 Buick has been rolling about the blacktop as much as possible.
Haven't really touched the Hudson much but have tinkered on the Buick. 
Decided to upgrade to an electric fuel pump. The old mechanical fuel pump still is in place with its pipes plugged up. This is not just as a backup encase the electric dies on me but because the old vacuum powered window wipers are driven off it.
With the left over plug wires from the Hudson I made up some new sparkplug leads. We had a few issues at highway speeds on a road trip when the car would missfire. Also chucked in new spark plugs. Gave the car a good tune up and adjusted the rockers. Cars going way better.
Have a pertronix unit on the way I will chuck in the distributor as well when it arrives.
The Hudson is back up on the rotisserie. Below are a few pics that show the new frame work.
Obviously the Trans support isn't shown but you can see where it attaches in the above pic.
Next is to strip down and wire brush the underside then rust kill, etch prime and lizard skin it.
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Did like five hours of scraping old sealer off or wire wheeling today. Got the missus to help out what kinda kept me on track what was good. Still think we have another few days to go to get it decent. 
Poor bird was stuck with the rear tire wells. Pain in the butt angles to deal with but she made some solid progress thats turning out good.
Check out the sexy dirt tan lines on my scrawny arms. Similar to a farmers tan... that make it what ? a Bogan/red neck tan?
these twisted wire wheels sure do a good job though. So good it uncover a few spots of rust >.> B@$tard!
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themoose on HAMB has worked his magic with Photoshop dealing to the Hudson.
50 Buick grille, nosed, shaved, louvers, side pipes, tinted glass, 57 wheel covers and white walls then on top of that a scalloped paint job.

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opps double post.

So I guess I will do a quick update on the car.

Wire wheeled the underside back to shiny metal. Brunox rust killed it all. Have also stripped most of the fronts panels etc underside and again Brunoxed them.

With luck the few small bits of rust will be cut out soon so we can get it primed and move on to all the other junk.


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