Marsh's 1984 Liteace

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Picked up this little van from another forum member on here. Its in need of a bit of attention. Plan is to start on the rust work that needs to be done first and then WOF it. Have been told the headgasket is gone/leaking so that is next on the list once its all road legal.





I have a set of 13" Work Equips tucked away in the garage for when this all ready as well.



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Starting sussing out this van for its wof. Found rust in the front behind the headlights and in the floor under drivers feet.


I don't usually start with modifying instead of fixing but the van was too high to fit into the garage. Played with the front torisions and bump stops and it came up quite nicely. Also chucked my Work Equips onto it to replace the knock offs that were on it.


Started at this height in the front




Ending up taking out 55mm




Might have to re adjust after I drop the back with blocks to level her out.

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Had to adjust the bump stops in the front at the same time




Might need trimmed some more, will have to wait till she's on the road.


Oh, Offset on the Works sits almost perfectly on the van. Back door just clears the wheels. Might be 3 or 4mm in it!



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Soo long time no update but I still have this. Got it out to my friends house to do the rust and it sat there for a few months. Came back looking much healthier and minus the flintstones esk front floor. Also got a couple of wee holes done down the side so it shouldnt leak water in anymore.

Started sorting the next thing on the list the motor. It used water from the day I bought her. I knew the water pump was leaking and also knew it had gotten hot. Ended up pulling the head off and throwing new bits at her. Radiator has been re cored by Autokool in Dunedin. (Free plug for Roy as he does a good job and doesn't charge the earth.) Pulled alot of bits off the front of the motor to pull the radiator out before I discovered that the drivers seat can be removed to get to another removable panel, duh. Gona have more room when I put her back together over the weekend hopefully.

Best thing about working on the engine in the van, apart from being simple is that it is covered if/when the Dunedin weather turns to shit. Worst part about it that it is in a van. Makes me miss being able to stand at the front of the bonnet and remove the radiator for easy access.





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