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Footeys 1980 mk2 ford escort


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Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51814-footeys-1980-mk2-escort-shinanigans/

Right lets make a start, I brought a 1980 mk2 escort back in late 2011 for 900 as a runner rough but legal (somehow) standard 1300 thought it was all dandy, these are the only picture I have of it back then lovely amber orange (puke)




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After driving the car both me and my dad agreed the front was having a party and very spastic, after further investigation we found the struts had unwound and let all the oil out which deemed them useless, idea was to simply fix this and be on our way, but as projects go it got out of hand and we ripped into the car finding more weight reduction on the way (rust) I don't have photos of this but I do have some of the repairs we attempted to fix as this was a first for both

as you can see in the photos we filled the air vents and made a complete new gutter out of various bits and pieces and cut alot of bad steel out, we also replaced all the sills and repaired around the bottom of the windowscreens




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next come the big shock after probing at the front end we found it was pretty much shapped out of bog, yes this poor escort somewhere in its life hit a wire strung fence post as there where wire marks wrapped around.
If I knew better then I would of replaced the whole panel but this was early on in the piece so we did what any normal person would do and reskined the front and creating a new bottom lip aswell
At this point I measured the chassis which was still straight so it was worth carrying on





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After getting a little more of a urge we pulled the engine out and decided to smooth the eninge bay and remove the battery tray this was one hell of a job how many spotwelds do I have to fill and sand =P
was well worth it in the end super smooth and clean



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Right next was onto prepping the body and getting ready for its top coat, this was about 4 years down the track lost intrest got frustrated so on as all projects have a toll, I had just over two months to paint a car and put everything back together and then be on a ferry to nelson in the new year, this is how it went

So after a month of sanding,skim bogging repeat which near drove me to insanity my little puscort was ready for her new coat of paint




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Right so now I had a month left to build a whole car, the list was huge as it was not just all put back how it come from factory, I had to reout all the loom extend the loom and locate battery and washer in the boot aswell as reconstructing the front suspension the list went on
First order of business was the front struts, I put new inserts new 2 inch lower springs new bearings, new rotors and new pads.




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Next order of business was a engine, I pulled out the orginal 1300 from its resting place after four years put new plugs, electronic ignition extractors that was about it, was a strong motor when I pulled it out.
I clean the gearbox and engine and proceeded to slip it back to where it belongs
I installed a new clutch while I was at it aswell



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Next step was extending and hiding the loom, I dinit get any photos and this was a very tedious task,i installed oil pressure gauge and a accurate water temp gauge aswell, first few photos are of a custom dash I had made and then last photo Is of the engine bay as it stands today the loom comes in beside the gear box then under the gear box as I couldn't go around as of extractors.




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While I was at it I installed new window rubbers RS type which where solid rubber I was lucky enough to have a awesome granddad who was a glazier and helped me install the windows here a few photos of the lead up to install then installing the window rubbers, this job is honesty cringe worthy at points
Also forgot to show you my tyre choice I scored a set of 13x7 hotwires and there laced with 205 13 60s




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Next was a exhaust I was very strapped for cash at this point and managed to pick up a 1 3/4 exhaust of a angle box how ever it was to short so we added a bit of Bedford pipe in the middle so now is more like 1 3/4 out of extractor 2 in in the middle then back to 1 3/4 the system runs through a coby before the diff then straight out,thinking I need a muffler as it backfires underload,
I also re installed windows door handles etc with 35 percent tint all around including back window screen, don't have any pics of this but more pics of car progressing in other pics like exhaust ones




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Now I didn't get many photos on finishing as I had two weeks before I had to be on a boat with this car, due to holiday period everyone was in a go slow and panic was setting in, however with a week to go she was ready for a wof these are a few photos before the wof, 2months work is now depending on how well I built this car.





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so did she pass, you bet she passed after the wof dude gave her box a true smashing like I mean I was cringing she was legal once again after four years of hard work, Have a few photos I will share, it even made the journey of 1200km to nelson and tiki touring without any to major hickups, not bad for a engine that was sitting for four years, So yes I defied all the odds people where saying "you cant build a car in under a month" well guess what your wrong because I did plus some
Here are some pictures from along the way from getting stuck in a reserve to scenic views






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so my plans for this car is now
upgrade front suspension -anti dive kit - camber plates- quick rack steering - upgraded brakes
back end- reset leaf springs- anti tramp rods - lsd
engine- turbo 1600 kent or engine transplant at this point im looking at 4age
overall plan- tarmac club car

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So thanks to a lovely chap at the swap meet this weekend I got a free Cortina bootlock which is the same as an escort WINNNNN
The lock had no key which was no problem for me as I want to use my escort key

How to make your key fit other locks
FIrst I pulled the tumbler out and then inserted my key, holding one side of the tumbler you should see prongs protruding, all you basically do is grind those flat so no prongs are protruding, the old key can still open the lock aswell as your key good to know =P.
Simply put back together test with key until perfect sorted, this can be done with any barrel tumbler lock.

If you want diagrams or more indepthh I can do so





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