Rhubarb77's 1980 Escort Denim Pack

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From the very beginning my Bosch 044 pump suffered from cavitation. Sounds like glass beads getting smashed up inside the pump. Well when the fuel pressure fell over on the dyno and it was time to go twin pumps, I emailed GRP4, the tank manufacturer and asked them if the -8AN outlet would flow enough to support two pumps. He was good enough to be honest with me and explain the the pick up pipe inside the tank has a kink in it and would reduce flow. I had no idea it would be this bad! Needless to say this was causing massive flow issues and is a testament to the durability of the mighty Bosch 044 pump. After careful planning and acquiring all the parts to complete the job, I took the tank to Drew at ARE Cooling in Brendale where he cut side of tank open, welded on a -12AN outlet and 1" pick up pipe. -4AN fittings where the fuel sight gauge used to be and tidied up the welds where my fuel sender goes in. The car is back running and the pump is actually QUIET! I will get the second one wired up soon, the ECU will switch it based on manifold pressure, as a guess it will come on around 18psi.











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Another cruise session at Lakeside a few weeks ago and unfortunately the gearbox failed. It was not catastrophic so I was able to drive the car home 10 mins from the track. I used the dropped crossmember method to remove the gearbox which worked really well. It's been shipped interstate for a rebuild and I was told on Friday that the gears are all good but bearings are shot. Heavy duty needle roller bearings will be fitted as part of the rebuild. I'll be using Redline MT90 oil this time and have sourced a heavy duty transmission mount keep things supported a bit better. Thanks



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I would not recommend this transmission mount, poor fit onto the gearbox extension housing (I needed to cut the tops off both mounts and weld the old top plate onto this one) and so much noise and vibration through the car so I put a standard mount back in, much better :) The ignition leads have been replaced after it was found they were causing a misfire on hi boost only. And I've finally sealed up some minor but annoying leaks from the thermostat housing and rocker cover using better products. Loctite 515 on the thermostat housing gasket and ThreeBond super sealer on the rocker gasket. It's a 2L rocker cover on a 1.6 head I don't know if that's why it's always leaked in the past?? The rebuilt gearbox is back in and the car shifts much nicer now especially with the Redline oil in it.


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Woohoo. Dipped into the 11's last Saturday.  The bias ply slicks performed amazingly!! Chopped 0.3sec off my 60ft and 0.5sec off my ET. One of the runs at 121mph. I had read horror stories about mixing radials and bias ply so after making lots of calls and taking on advice I ended up with a set of used Avon ACB9 5x22x13 bias ply formula ford tyres up front. The car ran straight as an arrow on the strip, a lot more stable than previous runs on semi slick radials.


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