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mitchs kp60 starlet-

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so yeah, this thing got mentioned to me by a friend (seen88 on here) he told me its a kp starlet with full ae86 running gear for a vert reasonable price. 

I went and checked it out, and it happend to have everything that i was told, Blue top 4age, t50 box, t series rear end (unshortend sadly) adjustable front suspension, adjustable lca's adjustable caster arms, heaps of other random stuff. 


the story goes the guy that built it had a starlet rally car that he had but the shell was fucked, he brought this shell and slapped everything into it, then gave up? i guess...


When i picked it up i was told it was running but it no longer does so i will hopefully sort that all out today!


plans are





-do drifts


all the bad stuff is annoying though.


-yuck flared guards

-Chinese fender mirrors

-really bad bright yellow paint

-genreal rally spec stuff that i have to rip out and redo to get legal

-non matching seats (different bases to backs) 


I have already ripped out the monster tacho, installed my nardi and random little gear knob.

I will modify my seat rails to suit my fixed back bride and i really want a tidyer interior with no screw holes in the dash. 


MMlPuNa.jpg uHRQpVb.jpgdmWYpFF.jpgLCL7FVU.jpg

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talking thread - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51653-mitchs-kp60-starlet-build-thingy/


so got this thing started up yesterday, got it running for about 2 minutes and it will then die, every other time it starts its for about 30 seconds then dies. 


Any suggestions? i was thinknig or slapping a new wiring loom in it as this one is a bit iffy.


EDIT: Problems solved thanks to pbaines for lending me a bunch of parts, i slapped an ae86 (EDIT: ae82) ecu in and it fired right up and ran perfect! starts first pop every time. now to fix everything else

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new seat, steering wheel, and shift knob. Need to patch the shifter hole as it has been hacked, much like the rest of this car.



god bored and i hate polished rocker covers so i slapped some VHT wrinkle black on that shit.





Took it for a skid it had a super sticky throttle and axle tramp of doom. the exhaust also fell off so a new one of them is in order. But first i need to add some sort of slam.

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fixed my front guards by ripping them off and getting new ones. 



went and ordered a few small parts from Toyota, dizzy cap and rotor, rocker cover washers, indicator lens. 


also brought some coilover sleeves off trademe to make up my new suspension and also corolla ae80? shocks, 42mm shorter in the body and 30mm shorter stroke i think. so i will slap all the suspension together at work this week hopefully. just need some camber plates, so if anyone has any old camber plates for anything at all laying around that would be ideal :)

decided to treat my gearbox to some redline shockproof gear oil.





found a spring in my scrap pile that looked about the same diamater, cut it up and made 2 springs out of it, stock on the left and new ones on the right and im trying out suzuki vitara shocks in the back, hopefully they aren't valved too stiff




I have a drift day on easter weekend at an abandoned prison so that should be fun and hopefully the car doesn't break too much there! 



Talky thread here - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51653-mitchs-kp60-starlet-build-thingy/?hl=kp60

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went drifting at a prison, snapped an axle 2 laps in. Good fun...




Brought a big block 4ag for a good price.




Brought some wheels 




on the to do list for the next drift day is 

- shorten diff so i can fit proper sized wheels

-lower rear to nice height

-make traction brackets for lower arms

-new exhaust and headers

-buy more wheels

-stock up on 175/50/13 to run all round

-fix the rear guards 

-new rebuild head on red top, new head gasket, water pump, cambelt etc.

-new rear suspension 

-fix everything that is wrong


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