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Toymotas - 1969 MS53 Crown Wags

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A bit of love has been given to the wagon lately.Ordered a carb kit and 1969 corona clutch cylinder and new brakes and hubs off OS member MATTTT, cheers mate.Ripped apart the carby and installed new pieces,now runs alot smoother but the tappets where noisy so off came the cover and went to check all the clearances,all were near fine except one being an easy 3mm out.re adjusted it and now she purrs.fitted the clutch cylinder from the states,fitted perfectly and engages the clutch which meant ROAD TEST!!! Started her up and eased down the drive,off down the street and around the corner ,got her into 3rd singing her tits off then having to down shift to slow as it doesn't have brakes as of yet,tried the handbrake and it works on one side just.Gearbox was fine for age and the car handled like a whale,shocks to add to the list of parts.Parked it back in the garage after 2mins of driving and easy 2 liters of gas used but worth it.10mins later cops roll past looking in,so some old lady must not of been impressed with the 4m barking loudly and a one wheeler donut.








Unsure if this is the original box off the 2m but if it is a w40 it has a side shifter? can anyone confirm this



Also would the mechanical fuel pump be a main cause in crap fuel economy as 1 litre of gas in 5mins worth of idling seems bad


dicuss here....//oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51148-toymotas-1969-ms53-crown-wags-discussion/

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still on the hunt for any parts for the wags,found a hole pallet of crown parts on trademe,scored a column change gearbox and alot of random wag bits for $30.but my search for parts has gone from OZ to USA,Japan,Switzerland,Netherlands and Russia,they all have wagons but as they are hard to find over there parts are thin,but still searching.managed to find repo tailight lenses.


Are there companies in NZ that can reproduce lenses,diecast frames,badges??


also got these nos fj40 side marker lights for abit of usdm look



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Scored a parts car for the wagon,a series 1 1968 ms55.the interior is in far better condition than the wagon so dash,front buckets and door cards will be going in the wagon,might keep some glass and the diff.sad sight ,always destined for the crusher but atleast i can save some bits 


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Ahhhh progress

I randomly one day last year stubbled across a guy on FB selling newer crown parts,in the back of a pic was a ms53. I messaged him and he was willing to sell me some bits,after nearly a year of organising and conversions I imported 8 boxes of parts!!  4 doors,a tailgate,a superdeluxe benchseat,trim pieces and other parts that my car needed for the resto.

This car has been abit of an international affair .being 1 of 2 known in NZ ive had to get used and nos parts from Thailand, finland, norway, the netherlands, japan and canada . Hopefully that should be it for now....

for anyone wondering i used CFR line in auckland to bring the parts in. Super helpful and great pricing


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