HKM400's 1976 Land Rover Series 3

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Recently, my work decided to sell off some fixed assets, so I decided to buy two of these contraptions. They were designed to lift a small portable building (there were 4 of them for this purpose) in order for a transporter trailer to be wheeled in underneath and then lower the building down onto the trailer deck.

I thought one might make a good addition to the Landy- and the price was too good to refuse. So I bought a pair of them, and now own two Superwinch Terra 25's. They are probably better suited to lighter vehicles or ATV's but they still have impressive pulling power- around 1200kg. 


Will make up a mounting plate- have to remove the cover as below so it will sit closer to the grill. Maybe inset a fairlead in the exisiting front bar. Should look pretty cool regardless.


Am also thinking about powder coating the 15x8's black to match the canvas roof. Have been driving the car to work recently and it is such good fun. Still getting used to the fact that it doesn't want to die at intersections. Idle is so smooth and quiet. 

Thoughts or comments welcomed- also if anyone wants the other winch let me know, no known use for it at this point....



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This happened today, and I bloody missed it happening. Don’t imagine it’s the first time around the block though being a 5 digit odometer. *next update in 99,996k


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Driving home the other day, and my shifter become incredibly remote. Very odd sensation. Also annoying that it broke off in neutral so I had no drive. Thankfully the underseat storage box contained the ideal assortment of rusty tools, along with a singular used bush, one set of brake shoes, a single u bolt and an owners manual missing multiple pages. Took the high range lever cover off and pushed the selector into second and drove home, chucked it in low range to get up the hill. 




New one is coming from Australia. Had to take the floor panels out to remove the selector. Currently in flintstone mode.



Exploded shifter, the circlip was under a fair bit of tension, didn't expect the spring to be quite that large




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