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Right, so everything is done on the list apart from the cert for the adjusties and the rust repairs.


Got the tints re done to 35% but they didn't put the back screen back in due to this beautiful amount of rust in the back hatch. The car has been stipped out and will be off to the panel beaters next week. I'll make sure that the guy takes lots of photos as it would be good to see everything that gets done with before/after etc


Have also got a big list of things coming over from Yahoo! Auctions including original trim (replacing all the carbon dipped stuff), stock front tension rods as the ones are there are rose joints but don't look like they've been done the greatest. Have got a new heater control valve setup, hard to find the auto-air model unit, then a few bits and pieces (i've forgotten all ready).... oh. Black carpet to replace the browny/reddy one that's in there at the moment so should look a lot nicer in there


Looking forward to getting it back so I can put the sideskirts on and the chin spoiler, looks so much better!



















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I got some parts in from Yahoo! Japan. Mainly just interior bits to replace broken or the stupid hydrodipped carbon fiber panels.
But wow on shipping from Japan, 4 days to the door?! 

Also got some new feet rubbers too, the clutch one is quite worn out... heavy previous track abuse?
Still have to get an ash tray, no rush though. The main piece is sorted
Broken flap on bottom, genuine Toyota replacement fitted
genuine Toyota water piping. Not sure if I will use this for replacing my current one or to chop it a bit to work with my newly formed 7A-GE
Probably my happiest buy. My current one is split horizontally bleating out white light into my delicate eyes at night time
Love seeing the Toyota labeling on there so I know it's not some chinga-lau replica
I also bought a new sway bar and tension rod setup. Just a stock setup with relatively new urethane bushes all round. I would have gotten my current rose-jointed tension rods certed but they are both just cut and welded on pretty horey so wouldn't be confident in saying they would be good for cert.
I might turbo this thing one day so will do more with it later if I go for a recert, for now i'll just get the front suspension certed for now. It'll be years before I poor a large amount of money into it

Converse with me: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49929-pbaines-1985-ae86-corolla-levin/page-2

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Well she has been in the Panel Beaters for a few weeks now with some good progression. The guy doing the work reckons one more week and should be all done (they are doing this in their spare time as apposed to main priority to save me a little $$$)


The chassis was straight in the front, but out in the back so needed to be straightened up. Such an awesome bit of technology how they can measure up a car, tell that it isn't straight and pull it back into shape.


We had this section here which was all bubbly under the surface



Which has turned into something which looks like it hasn't seen a particle of water



This section here turned out to be nothing more than surface rust which was relieving. From initial inspection it looked horrible




The most peculiar thing about this all was.... the entire hollow section of the hatch was filled with pink foam... WHY?!! What is the purpose of all the foam!! The panel beater spend an hour and a half picking it all out because it is extremely flammable.



And finally the front right bumper mount has had a little bit of work done.





Overall there is no where near as many problems in terms of rust and bent bits as I was expecting with the car.

Apart from a new replacement front quarter, and a replacement rear quarter (I've got 3 cars in one, YUSSSS) it's all been pretty straight forward.


Once this is done, Cert for adjusties and then on the road she is.... That's the plan anyway

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I've been a busy boy, i'll have an update by the end of the week.

Replacing the bushes all round (nolathane), installing GReddy's, fitting new street fins (14x7 -7)on the front, putting the old front rims on the back with appropriate tyres (225/60/14) for the cert only of course.

Will be getting some Toyo T1R's shortly all around too.


All going to plan should be booked in for cert next week.


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