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We decided to check the back brakes.........


It appeared that the left side brake was dragging so we started to investigate.


There has been a broken axle at some time..




And it appears to have bashed the crap out of the guide for the hand brake cable....




It should look like this




And it has munted the handbrake cable and that is why it is jamming on




Well is is not going to be easy to fix.  First job is to find something to fix it with......quick trip to bunnings :-)




That will work







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So out with the grinder and mig.








Fixed....just like a bought one






We fitted a spare cable I had from our spitifre and used plenty of grease.  It is now working well.



The next ting we need to get started on is the gearbox.  It is obviously a 2500 sedan box with overdrive.  These are way bigger than the standard GT6 box so it must have been tricky to fit.


We decided to take the transmission tunnel out to get a look at the customisation work.




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The transmission tunnel looks customised and has two well positioned inspection hatches






Ad the wiring looks an absolute mess....sometimes it pays not to look :-)




We finally got the transmission tunnel out.....after 20mins of juggling



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It is definitely a saloon gearbox.  It was difficult to shift when we took it for a drive so we will be looking at the gear shifter...and the clutch master and slave.




It has a weird modification for the over drive unit.  This must have been done to make it fit inside the chassis of the GT6




This is how it looks in a TR6




We will bleed the clutch tomorrow and take it for a drive to see if the overdrive is functioning.


Tune in tomorrow to see how we get on.........

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We went on a mission this morning.


Last weekend we popped into Pick a Part for a visit.  Its what we call a day out for the family....


We happened to notice a a Subaru SVX so Ethan looked underneath and spotted a 3.7 LSD diff in the back.


We are looking to replace the non LSD old triumph diff with a Fuji Industries diff found in a whole heap of jap cars like datsuns, nissans and subaru.  We can then think about replacing the swing spring and swing axled with CV's and coil overs.






So we gathered our tools and prepared to roll around in the mud and grease at pick a part for the morning.


Unfortunately the wife had the ute, The warrant on the Fuego had lapsed, the MR2 was trapped behind the Caravan, the Jag is unregistered, so we only had one car to take......the Porsche.




Crawling around under a car and trying to undo suspension bolts is never fun but it is even worse when its gravel full of standing water.


We finally got it out and then headed to the office to pay for it and the lady said "that looks like a transfer case"  We re-assured her that it wasn't...."its a diff".  Then then says "it looks like a transfer case".  We re-assure her again that it wasn't.  She then says "it looks like a transfer case though"..... I was starting to wonder is a transfer case cheaper and just say ......Yep....its transfer case all right!.  But eventually she conceded that it was a diff.


Here it is back at home.











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Another weekend and another long day of working on the GT6 


We decided to tackle the clutch.  It didn't seem to have enough travel and was making it hard to get into gear.


As the slave is from a saloon and the master is for a GT6 we wondered if it was moving enough.  Sure enough it wasn't.  What we really needed was a little more length on the master.......out with the mig and a couple of bolts....




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Now the clutch has good movement.




Ethan and I then started on separate jobs.


When we bought the car the guy said the overdrive didn't work so Ethan pulled of the solenoid and stripped it down.






After a lot of cleaning it seems to be working well now.  We will see once we have it out on the motorway.


I got stuck into the engine cover.  It was covered in this awfull carpet backing and some black tar like substance.


So I attached it with a Solvent (petrol) and cleaned it up











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Next job was to get started on the rust in the form of the roof.  Triumph (in their wisdom) put a finishing trim over where the roof panel is spot welded to the windscreen frame and it eventually fills with water and rusts out.  They all do it eventually.


So we pulled our off and this is what we found.











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So out with the grinder and lets see what it like.








I think we need some repair panels.  I went online and no-one makes a repair pannel any longer so Ethan went hunting in our stack of part and found a couple of old boot repair panels.  They kinda look like they have the right curve.







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More hammering......more bending.....hammer......bend....hammer....bend




Lets trim out the the rust and trim up the repair




There is a little rust inside that we can take car of before welding




Seems to fit OK




Time to deal to the rust




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The rust converter foamed up and covered the inside of the roof.....it did leak inside a little :-)




Re-check the panel fits




Out with the welder






It promptly ran out of gas!  that put a stop to play....


May have to go back to working on the mechanicals.  


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  • 2 weeks later...

Finishing off one side of the rust in the roof




People seem to avoid showing shots of the welds before they a ground back.  I guess to prevent being mocked for the bird crap welds.  They always look great after grinding :-)








Add some bog...




Looks a lot better now

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While we wait for the bog to dry its time to get started on the brakes master.  It has been leaking for ages.


When we went looking for a replacement it wasn't that easy.  It uses a fairly standard Girling master but is mounted on an angle and this means the reservoir can never been completely filled.  It holds so little fluid I don't feel that it is that safe.  A small leak would mean that all of the fluid would disappear really fast and cause catastrophic failure.  


We wanted a way to get a bigger reservoir and we found this.




We are not sure how well it will work but it does seem a bolt up fit.


OS the next step is to remove the old Master and clean up the firewall.









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It was starting to get dark...and cold...SO I used the light to keep it warm enough for the undercoat to dry.  I am amazed at how much heat these lights but out.  Ethan melted on of our welding mask with it once.




Now we have to clean up the brackets and pedals.  The brake fluid has leaked everywhere.  It was even under the rubber pedal. 




Nothing a little soap and water won't remove...I guess.

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I cleaned up the brake pedals and their brackets.




We noticed the shaft was rusted solid and it was rotating on the hole in the bracket and had worn a larger hole making the pedal feel sloppy. The larger hole in the bracket was so big their was no way we could easily fix it so the best fix was to weld the shaft in place.  The shaft was worn also so when we welded it the pedal felt 100% better.





We decided to make a modification to the clutch pedal.  It has more travel than the master and when we adjusted the master to get the full motion it made the clutch sit up too high.  What it need was a stop that we could adjust to lower the pedal and still get the full motion.


This is our mod.




We can use the bolt to lower the pedal down a little and make it more comfortable.  It has a spring that pulls it all the way to the top and then when you push down you get a a couple of inches that dont move the master.  Now we can adjust that out.




The bracket almost looks stock.  Especially when painted.





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