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crownwags 83 chevrolet C10

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so ive just spent the last couple of days flying to wellington getting a ride from Steelies to the train station getting the train to masterton picking up the C10 and driving home to Auckland stopping by Sparkles pad catching up with him and blizzo and then on to Testaments place in taupo and then finally home this morning.

the trucks pretty sweet just needs a bit of TLC getting it back to a decent standard again since the last owner didnt really look after it all to well everything just a bit fucked like the brake boosters leaking the seat has a tear in it carpet needs replacing starter motor and flex plate are eaten out a bit so starts with alot of grinding.

but motor seems to run at a nice temp and shifts gears nice motor idles good so its a good start shouldnt take too much work to make it a minter

plans are fix all slightly fucked things also relplace the bonnet since someones done a shit rust job on it and it doesnt sit right so easier just replace it and paint it yellow rather then the white. and basically drive it around heaps


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Re sprayed motor catapillar yellow. Set up new flex plate and starter motor, re gasketed er thang, got motor into position but that last 20mm is just always a bastard! Any one have as tips to get that last bit locked in?

Will finish tomorrow when couple the guys come round and I have more hands



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Spent weekend again working on this lemon. Installed new alloy radiator which doesn't quite fit so will tig weld a few brackets on tomorrow at work.

Had a bit of a fck around with the new flex plate now that everything's bolted in. Testament tom and I have found that the flex plate has a 4mm wobble from one side to the other.... Unsure if I've damaged it putting motor in or if Ching wing shitty flex plate! I've had to shim starter motor over more so it misses the ring gear but I'm thinking I might have to drop the trans and replace te flexolate again!!!!!!!!!



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Had POOMAN swing round today and help pull trans away from motor. We pulled the bent flex plate off anf swung down to segedins who were more then happy to replace the flex plate and also upgrade me to the more expensive one free of charge. Everything was hard work but came apart and went back together without to much swearing and cussing. Also mounted radiator properly. Went for a burn in it was super stoked with everything.

Also bought some straight through mufflers and made a few dump pipes which I'll tig weld up this week at work


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