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Kc's 1982 skidma


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Righto, Bit of a background of me:


Im Kc Rose and iv been a viewer on this site for the last three years, but never had a post of my own.

Im 18 Years old and am an Apprentice engineer.


Although This is a post about my 82' sigma ill share some oldschool background first:


My First car was a 1982 greenied de-sprung Ex lancer with the might 1200cc powerplant that i bought at 15yo

this was my afterschool project with help from my dad. after we had finished it looked like this




 and after I got d.i.c'd while i had loss of traction we rebuilt a 4g32(1600cc) motor and put that in.


so after i got offered a stupid amount of money for it i kinda went on a spending spree getting a vs commodor (no pics coz not oldschool)

a 78' datsun c20 van, an 81' Sigma and an 88' Volvo 740.





now after a while i sold the van which later i found out got written off and i sold the sigma which my father has told me has nearly been written of several times around town. and of course i sold the commodor well.. because it wasnt oldschool!


so what im left with is a 88' volvo. And this is my dream car believe it or not. ever since 8 years old i had un unhealthy want for a 740 wag. so after lots of trademe hunting i found one. after driving it around for 3 months it was clear that the old girl needed some tlc. so i decided i would buy a runabout and take the 2 tonne beast off the road for some AU Falcon turboness.. haha! but more about that on another thread.


Anyway! here is my 1982 skidma runabout/driving project




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Plan is lower it, put some nice wheels, bit of jdm bits here and there and basically have a sexy oldschool runabout (low 'n' slow)

as nothing will be done to the motor except maintenance and a tune up.

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So yesterday i went to blenheim and picked up these 13x7 babies for cheap




Plan is due to them being unsavable polishing wise they will be going blaaaaack.

i also had some old shitty chrome bands in the shed and tried some jdm-ness on them




then while i had the manga comics out i did the fuel cap




was looking around the car and noticed that the rear end had air shocks so not sure if that will work to my advantage while lowering?

anyway i found some springs in the shed that might fit the front so will try them out when i get time. also foung my old fwd sigma alloys that i really want to get widened but have been told its an expensive task and due to the rarity of them i dont want to attempt myself




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Today after work i went and bought some tyres and took them round to my old mans so he was ready with the compressor as i filled the tyre with hair spray and popped out the beads. its amazing looking at the difference between generations as the rim (14x7)on the left is off his 69' 351 mustang and to the right is my 13x7's



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First off sorry for the fucking terrible picture, but all i have is my cell phone and the flash decided to play games but you get the point.

so i got a bit bored after work and decided to put some new wheel studs in my 25mm spacers as a few where cross threaded, a task that had been on my wants list for a while. also while looking in my scrap metal pile (boxes of random car crap i have acquired over time) i found a bit of tube with a bolt wedged in the top so i thought why not make a new gearstick. Note: standard size in centre console. thats all for now.



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finally had a patch of good sun on my day off so i got the wheels painted and i think they are not too bad considering it was a rattle can job. but as soon as the paint was dry enough it started pissing down with rain!!! so quickly got them inside. did a ninja style mission as i was nervous they would not fit on the front. so with jack and strongarm in one hand and a wheel in the other i tried it on. It fits!! only with about 1.5mm clearance but im happy. also went to the wreckers and found some subaru legacys that i will be steeling the exhausts off to build my boso's


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so today was a good day! went to the wreckers and got all four lowering springs for $70, a set of extracters for $30 and a tailight for $30!!! this cunt was a GC! has heaps of oldschool jap bits like KE's, KP's, Galants, Lancers, Sigmas, Eterna's etc. so i went home and put the new springs in and my god its on its ARSE!! so happy, pics:






Next Mission: Exhaust.

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Finally got the exhaust done, unfortunately wasn't able to the run the pipes on both cars due to the fuel tank being in the way but oh well it looks and sounds great as it is. will be making different bolt on exhausts aswell so i can play around when ever i want. probably make a straight twin exit exhaust aswell, might try a dumpy also. only 2" pipes, they look great but don't attract too much unwanted attention. Pics:





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finally got around to painting the mudflaps and i decided to go for a leopard print type style (yeah right!) it went nothing like my ex lancer ones did. these just did NOT want to be painted! the paint fish eyed, the red mixed with the black that i put on the day before. and this happened again and again. take it off put it back on etc. until yesterday it reacted the worst. and to be honest.. i had a second look and i actually kinda like it? maybe take them off and try again at some point but for now im happy.






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Well not much has been happening with this. I have been trying to sell it to be honest. but iv decided that im going to save for a new daily and convert this to DOHC Turbo. due to this idea i bought a semi? new daily until i get a new new daily..? if that makes sense. anyway new car: 1995 RVR DOHC Turbo 4G63T, with a mighty 165,000 kms. From what i've red in the records of the car (legit one lady owner who passed) its a twin lsd? if anyone could let me know if rear diff will fit the sigma housing that would be cool. Pics:






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Really need some tips and pointers on the work/parts/custom fab work needed for this conversion so please hit up the discussion and tell me everything you know! //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48218-kcs-1982-skidma-discussion/


on another note i have some different tail lights on the way so will see how they look



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Got home to my tail lights in a box at the front door, was stoked! the lenses are in really good condition which is a bonus. the chrome was chipped quite badly so fixed that up with some black and im really happy with the result. will fix them tomorrow and polish the chrome on the ones currently on there incase i swap them back. the pics make the lense look pink but they are a really nice red.







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