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Pe-arce's Mk1 Ford Escort Beams Powered Race Car


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Got happy with the grinder.






Origonal plan was to use steel bubble arches and do a more normal build with 13" wheels and a hot xflow that came out of my old mans rally car but things changed.


Decided it needed 15" wheels for big brakes. Wanted lowness so had to chop the rails..






No officer thats not modified at all...





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Used standard escort round turrets and trimmed them to suit.




Set back into the chassis rail to make more wheel clearance incase i decide to go to 10 or 11 inch wide rims.




Welded in and cleaned up 








Setting up 4 link.





Anyone know why my photos are being rotated by the uploader?? seems to be only the portrait ones.. and only on my imac..? odd

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Modified the cross member to be beefy as and re-position the tca attachment point to fix roll centre with max lowness.




New billet steering arms. shorter than standard for more lock.




With drop links on steering to fix bump steer issues







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When deciding on an engine i saw the beams and like any misguided young fool thought oh sweet theres an easy 200hp thatll do.


Unfortunately i hadnt read one of romans sweet why you shouldnt go beams rants. I discovered one the other day on another thread and i identified with the whole lot and was pissing myself laughing.. Its been over 2 years and will cost well over 10k by the time it runs.. 


Got the engine and was stoked..




Test fit.. tight as teeth but could make it work.





Then i had a mate tell me it was too far forward for a race car..


I immediately felt like i had no nuts... So..



Out came the angle grinder.




Much better



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It was about now that i realised for it to go back behind the crossmember and for me to be sitting in front of the 4 link and not on top of it, I was going to need to dry sump. I hadnt planned on this because it was supposed to be a 'cheap' self built car. But the firewall was already chopped so out came the $$$

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Got engine mounted.





Had a go at making some headers the other day.. Turned these out. Bit of a tight squeeze and not that happy with how equal the lengths are.. bit too much difference for my liking when im used to doing sheetwork within 1mm.





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Cleared a few hours this arvo and went hard on the escort.

Got watts link all tacked in and braced so it's a bit stronger for moving around untill I have time to finish it properly.

Then i spannered up all the nuts and bolts through out for cartage so I didn't lose anything as most things were only finger tight.

Then loaded up and off to get some work done while I go on holiday for a week.

Things that will be done.

-Epic as roll cage. I'll find a drawing of what it's getting.

-New steering column made up and mounted to roll cage dash bar

-Drive shaft. It's too short for 2 piece so has to be a solid as 1 piece to handle revs.

-New sway bar made up to clear the steering drop links.

Happy days

We are a ford family all the way. That's my boss 'work' ute for the boss, and dad's xr6 sedan.





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This is the cage it's getting..

It won't have 3 back stays though just 2 as the tub is in the way of the bottom 3rd one.

And it won't have the brace between the main hoop as I'll be putting a crossmember through there made of sheetmetal to tie 4 link boxes and tunnel to the outer panels just behind b pillar.


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