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Brawr's 1984 KP61 Toyota Starlet Sprint

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  • 4 weeks later...

Done! (for now...)

This thing is starting it's journey back to the UK tomorrow, so a last push saw the final jobs sorted. Took it for a buzz down the road, and other than sketchy (not bedded in yet) brakes, it was good!

Nice to see it in sunlight, now to seal it in a box for a few weeks until it pops up in England! 






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I painted up the rear spoiler before this show. It was a plain aluminium one from T3 originally, but I wanted to make it look like it belonged on the starlet. I built the paint up in the same colour layers as the original, age worn paint, then rubbed it back to try and get it to match the rear hatch. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.





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  • 6 months later...

Long overdue update. Essentially I've just been driving this on sunny days. It's great, it's been very well behaved so far, and I love it.















Plans over winter include a head-off tickle up with new valve stem seals, a thinner 0.8mm TRD metal head gasket, and a new VVT pulley (the old one is worn and rattles like hell).

Chuffed really.


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  • 3 weeks later...

When I was slapping everything together back at the end of 2017 to get this thing on the boat to the UK, I did a bit of a hash job splicing the wiring looms (4age engine and ECU loom, and the Starlet body loom) together, just to get it into a running state to load. It worked, so I left it as it was for 12 months and just enjoyed the car, but it bugged me knowing what a shitfest it was under the dash. Take a look at this mess:




So I ordered a nice fuse/distribution box and set about shortening wires, routing them properly, and generally making the whole thing easier to troubleshoot and less of a fire risk and OCD nightmare.

Made up a simple backing plate for it that I welded to one of the dash braces:



Tucks away under the dash nicely, conveniently close to the body fusebox:


The thing I liked about this box is the ability to run 2 +12v busbar lines; one permanent live and one ignition switched. Nice to keep everything in one place and minimise connections.



Much happier.





Oh, was overdue another run out to Caffeine and Machine, so went there for some demon nachos last Friday



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