PStar's 1972 Mitsubishi Galant 16L

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Well, drove around the countryside today collecting a variety of parts that may or may not fit... hopefully some of them will haha..


Trailer of parts, courtesy of Poo, who is a bloody legend... 4G62, plus front and rear suspendery stuffs... rear probably won't work looking at it but I have a plan I think ;)


Also in the pile, 5spd box from a GTO, fingers crossed. And a bunch of struts also from GTO, dude I bought the box off said he would chuck them in... may be handy for something.




And thanks to ExBella, CHUR! MODJAYS!!! haha, they will do the trick until I find something I like better/for the rest of eternity... looks like someone has been wearing the rears pretty heavily haha ;D



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Minor update, took an extra long weekend and decided it was a nice day to poke the galant with a stick.


Turns out the front end I got from Poo is way too big for my little car but thems the breaks when trying to lego a car together from disparate models and the motor was the important bit and should work a treat.






So I'm on the lookout for a steering setup that will fit, I'm guessing LA/b lancer stuff may be the go? Potentially even GTO stuff, have to do some more homework.


Anyway, I managed to score some GTO front struts and brakes from the guy I bought the 5spd from and they appear to be a good fit, hopefully they won't end up making it look 4x4 spec but I think it should work. Need to figure out the brake setup, looks like the calipers are at the "back" (door) side of the disc from factory, but they only seem to fit correctly with the caliper on the "front" in this application i.e. the GTO struts are back to front... Left one on the right and vice versa Oh well, as I say it all looks like it should work.


Chucked a wheel on to feel like I achieved something/for pics...  Cheviot US800's? NZDM as bro!




Then I thought I would try and suss the rough running of the peugeot... gave everything a good clean out, brushed up the plugs, developed a horrible miss, pulled the plugs again, cleaned, reinstalled... better but didn't fix original problem... off to a pro tomorrow I think. stupid french thing!


looking forward to a running jappa with the lovely 4g6X motor! I should probably work faster

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Strut in, this is how it is currently set up, pretty sure that's where the steering arm thingo should be.



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Fuck scored these bloody lovely speakers for the parcel tray today at the hospice shop... they appear to be brand new and in mint shape, even the screws and wires are still taped into their little bag! Jeah...


I even thought about it for a few minutes, wtf, I am dumb.


$20 well spent I feel.




Also hit a few spots with a flapper wheel just to see if my worst fears were correct.... horrible bog job on the front of the front guard but fixable I think. And the bit I was worried about in the bottom corner of the rear guard (by the wheel) has had a minor repair with what in the dark looks like mesh and newtech but it doesn't seem to be a biggie so that's all making me pretty bloody happy :)


Will take a few in the light tomorrow haha



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Woohoo, dodgy nighttime carpark meeting with Bigfoot netted new rear diff and springs, some front struts and brakes, new carb and some assorted bits and pieces that will come very much in handy!


Hooray for dodgy carpark meetings in the night

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Bloody hell, long time no update on this.


Still not really an update but at least I touched it today.


Did the rounds of the parts places looking for some bits and bobs I need to at least get the silly thing rolling.


Only thing I found was a steering assembly/rack thing out of the EX out at Zebra... and it is the right length... unfortunately the actual setup is wrong, so that's a bit dumb. Anyone looking for an EX rack/arms? lol


Can't really see much in the pic but trust me haha:






So with that small annoyance I figured I would see about a few rust bubbles... So I hit them with a flapper disc... then a cutting disc, some bloody awesome mesh insert repairs in this beast. No pics but I have cut it all back and cut some patches, will order some mig wire and see about fitting them in place in the next little while/6 months














Still, considerably less bad than it could have been, one biggish area and a few small ones... on that side anyway haha...


Oh well, an update is an update... even has pics!

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Right, steering wheel sorted, many thanks Shakotom (and Chikon8)




If anyone has a spare horn attachment ring thing laying about I would be supremely grateful for it!


Also, finally tracked down the pic I knew I had of my mum's old one of these bad boys.. excuse hurried deletion of my little sister, she has issues with internet having pictures of her :)




I'm fairly certain this is the appropriate colour scheme for mine also... now them wheels... :D


Also holy crap those fender mirrors (actually the door mirrors too) are freakin' rad!

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pictureless, speculative update.


I MAY have found a parts car for this thing, in auckland no less... complete less drivetrain (which is sweet) and rustfucked body (also sweet)  


Will update if I get it :D

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Photobucket chucked all my pics out but that's ok, it looks the same.

I have come to the conclusion that the only project I am going to make any progress on in the forseeable future is my business. 


Would anyone like a Galant Colt 16L? 

Reg on hold!

Bit of bog, not much. Bit of rust, fuck all. Some shit patches/birdshit welds, very few. All in all surprisingly straight and unfucked.

I have... Most of the bits. But some are missing. I won't write out a full list here but I have a 5 speed for it, diff is there, struts, some wheels if the price is right. All the panels, although the front guards are.. well, you might want some new ones. Missing some seats. An engine that would work to get her going although probably not the ideal donk for the job if you are picky. if you are keen fire me a PM and make an offer.

Bring a trailer round and take it away. It makes me sad seeing it sitting out there. I will get another one when I have time to dedicate to it, and I could use the parking space.







Currently has struts in, so, technically should be able to bolt wheels on and wheelbarrow it onto a trailer a bit easier than we got it off one.. Assuming they point in the same direction...


Parts pile (currently in the shed... will be able to dig them out)

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