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Gnarlydude's 1985 EE80 Toyota Corolla

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This is my first time doing this so excuse me if it's a bit rough


 I've been a car nut ever since I was little and after years of saving, researching and dreaming, I finally got my first car, a 1985 Toyota Corolla EE80 off some family friends. 









I'm not very good at this whole photo uploading thing so I'll try get some good ones soon.


She is pretty tight for her age with only very small bits of surface rust and low kays and it goes surprisingly good ( for a 2e :-) ). Since I've owned it I have refreshed the ignition, changed the stereo and added a coby muffler for a bit of zing in the exhaust note. I was enjoying being able to travel around without being wet and cold as I've come from a scooter and then this happened. 






Coming home from the my Grandma's house in Whitianga I thought it would be a great idea to take the 309 road back to a friends house in Auckland and I almost made it  :cry: . Some crazy Subaru driver cut the corner on me and gave me a bit of a kiss. 1 and a half months later it came back to me with a new guard and a front respray. Since then I have just been ironing out a few niggles such as no driver door lock etc. Future plans include roof racks, maybe a tow-bar and some retro rims if some come up at the same price. 

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Quick update


My cousin brought his first ca the other day and he is a bit of music lover so I went to Auckland to help him stick a stereo in it. Long story short a my uncles friend knew someone who had some old audio gear and I ended up with a 8" sub. It looks like it could tidy up quite nice and a bit of bass is what i'm missing but I have no idea where to find a plug for it. Does anyone recognize this plug? 


Anyway, everyone loves pictures :)





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Ok another update


Had a good day doing some little things to it, sprayed the grill and some stuff under the bonnet black and touched up all the chips and rust in some country creme (not kidding). After speaking to a heap of different people about my plug for the sub, it looks very similar to a molex plug but is slightly different dimensions and I decided just to pull the back off and see if I could just cut the wires and solder a plug on, I was welcomed with this. 2nac.jpg


Now usually I will give anything a go but I wave the white flag. In the back of the plug there are what seems to be wire roads that send power straight to the board and I have no idea if it is possible to solder wires to these so it is a work in progress.




After a heap of looking I have got some roof racks to got on the C-rolla, a bargain at $12.00 so they will go on when a friend picks them up from the mount next weekend. Will stick some pics up when they go on.

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Right, I haven't done an update in a while mostly because nothing big has happened really, just been doing heaps of k's in it. I have been getting around to doing some little stuff in it, the most major being repairing the back of the back seats a couple of weeks ago, it was badly sun damaged.

Overall progress photo with an AA and JAF badge scored for cheap from the Rotorua swap meet


Big up's to Paul Newton Upholsterers in Rotorua, he taught me a heap of stuff about upholstering and I don't think it looks too bad for my first go. 


Also got my roofracks in the mail, come in handy so far for picking up sheet for school metalwork project.

Interior wise, it did not come with any floor mats so I cut some up out of fake grass, do the job well but are starting to molt around the corners though.


Chucked in a UHF I got for a trade for cleaning some trucks when I was 13, aerials a bit small but apparently that's how long it's supposed to be for its frequency. And yesterday I went for a drive and spotted this on the side of the road, complete with 2 cobys, score.  :-)


If its yours or you genuinely have a use for it they are all yours, the bigger one is a bit rough but the small one is pretty tidy.


Now that i'm up to date, I am due for some new rear tyres but im not really happy with the rims, I feel they let the car down so something has to change. I still have all the original trim rings and hubcaps although the trim rings are in pretty bad condition now as the chrome is coming off and the hubcaps are not much better.


My thoughts are to paint them black and get some new chrome rings and polished bearing caps  but I really want a bit more offset so I have my eyes peeled for some about 0 offset 4x100 steel wheels, not fussed about condition as long as they are not bent. Any ideas? It needs to be cheap though.


Any ideas flick them up //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43417-gnarlydudes-1985-ee80-toyota-corolla/?hl=ee80

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