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Bangas 67 Mk2 Cortina


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Picked this old girl up back in August, thought it was about time I posted it up here.


Back in high school my family had a 1300 Mk2 that I learnt to drive in which led me to buy my own a 67 (supposedly, but Im pretty sure it was a series two 1300 originally with the plates and tags switched) Mk2 for my first car, warmed 1500 with a anglia floor change box, it went pretty well till it ran a bearing right before I went off to uni. Being a poor student for the next 4 years and moving to a different city I decided it was best to flick it on as I wouldn't be able to fix it or afford to fun it.

During my first year at uni my folks picked up a rusty old GT and stripped it for parts with the plan to swap them onto their little 1300, but before that happened my step dad got himself a 56 F100 and decided to flick off the cortina -but kept a bunch of the GT parts.


A dozen or so years down the track and I was in slightly better financial position, owned my own house with big garage and an understanding partner - it seemed like a good time to hunt down another old cortina. There seemed to be a few floating round but most seemed to have suspect recent paint jobs, were somewhat butchered or were $8-$10k.


Eventually I came across this old girl down in Blenheim, sure it looked rough with dents in almost every panel but at least I knew what I was getting into. Exchanged a few emails with the guy and flew down south the next weekend to pick it up.

She's an early 67 with a 1500, column change with benches. The glovebox was stuffed full of receipts, over $4k of engine work in early 2013, its bored out a little now with a fast road cam, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, extractors, alternator so it gets along alright and touch wood has been reliable to date. She has had a bit of rust cut out from the usual places and replaced with new steel- hence the different shades of green going on.
Parted with the Ernies and headed off to catch the ferry in Picton, started to rain  while waiting in line and quickly became obvious that neither the front or rear screens were water tight.
Clutch was a bit hit or miss so gave the master cylinder a birthday and that seemed to sort that out.
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Went up to the olds place and picked up the majority of the Cortina stuff, just a 1600 and gearbox left up there now. Came home with my mini lives (tires didn't seem to bad after sitting round for 10+ years), a few GT cortina parts, bucket seats, centre console, rear drum brakes, dashboard, spare grille, headlight surrounds, taillight surrounds and a few boxes of little bits and pieces. 


Mini lites still held air so threw them on


Pulled the carpet out to check there wasn't any nastiness happening underneath given that she wasn't overly water tight. Pretty happy to find only a little bit of surface rust. Wire brushed that back and gave it a coat of paint before laying down some dynamat.


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Headed to the UK in September for the weddings of the girlfriends best friend, made use of ebay to pick up some bits and pieces...


All new seals, weatherstrips, headlining, lowering blocks, gas pedal, glovebox clip, diff seal, GT steering coloumn surround.


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The car came with a 3.54 diff head as part of the deal, it looked to be in good nick so thought I better put it in. Once I got it in the housing it just didn't feel "right", thought I better have someone who knew what the were doing have a look at it. Borgweiser kindly offered to have a look. Turns out it was good idea to have someone look at it

Wouldn't have lasted long if I decided she'll be right.
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Over the past couple of months I've just been plodding away, fitted the 9" GT drum brakes and new brake cylinders, fitted the 3.54 diff head, slapped in the lowering blocks , a new bigger steering wheel.


Sent my dashboard away to get recovered, stoked with how it turned out.


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This is how she's looking today, got some new wheels during December with a better offset to fill out the guards 15 x 7 with 0 offset, look pretty good I reckon. Might need to lower the front another inch.

She's going in for panel work an paint at the end of January, decided to respray in the original colour, which I think is Vista green based on the code on the VIN plate- 79W BU2. Over the christmas break I did some under sealing, pulled out the gas tank as it had a bit of surface rust.
Knocked some dents out of some spare headlight surrounds and grill, spent a few hours filing, sanding and painting. Should look pretty good with the mint bonnet chrome I've picked up.
Initially the plan was to pull out the front bench and put the GT buckets and a floor change gearbox in it, thinking I might keep the bench now though. Have fresh carpet to go in so will have to make a decision before then.
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Been a while since I updated this, haven't been totally slack while its been away getting painted.

Just been tinkering away stripping paint and polishing bits and pieces. Spencers Citric Acid rust striping plan works a treat.


The major thing that I managed to get done was recovering my benches, sent my old covers away to Autosport upholstery in AK and he whipped up some nice new covers in almost the same colour as the originals.


A few hours and a few dozen hog rings and this was the result, first time trying to do any upholstery and pretty stoked. Still have to get some heat on them to get the last of the wrinkles out.

Had the B pillar sections re done as well, all looks pretty sweet
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Long time no update, just been driving it up until the xmas break really.


Flew through another WOF at the end of November, had thrown new front pads on along with a bleed and adjustment of the rear drums as the brakes weren't overly flash- seems to have done the trick. 


The downdraft had been playing up a bit recently, not wanting to start or idle too well and didn't get much better even after throwing a kit on it. I've had a single sidedraft manifold for a while so figured rather than throwing any more cash at old carb I would just look for sidedraft instead.


Old 32 DFM



Pick up a Dellorto dhla 40 in the end that had come off a 1600 crossflow and supposedly recently rebuilt- figured that would be a good starting point for my 1580 (ish) pre-crossflow.

Tried to get it to work with the original linkage set up but after a few nights tinkering away in the garage admitted defeat and decided to grab a Mangoletsi double cable set up. Jimmied up a cable bracket for the accelerator out of an old mtb disk brake adaptor and I was away laughing.

Until I took it for a drive and it wouldn't go up hills, was draining the bowl. After a bit of trial and error and a help post in the tech section BigMatt4 suggested moving the electric fuel pump closer to the tank which cured the issue and now I was getting too much fuel. My fuel pressure regulator finally turned up and cured that problem. Have down a fair bit of sorting around over the xmas break.
The sidedraft definitely seems a lot torque-ier than the old downdraft as well as starting and idling a lot better.
Fitted new rear shocks today as the drivers side was spewing oil and not doing too much in the way of dampening.
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