KP_JAMES's 1984 Toyota Starlet KP61

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Hi Guys, here is my first thread on this forum so go easy on me :) 
I recently purchased my little beast beast a week ago as some of you may have seen on tardme, got it for a pritty good score considering but my first & biggest worry is rust, but i gotta say shes held up fairly well being under the weather for the last 29 years, all on New Zealand soil at that 2.png 
Ironically this was built in Thames in 84 & last week I picked her up...from Thames e10203.gifunfortunately the previous owner couldnt find the build papers which im real upset about but still have the build plate and sticker which i'll get a new one made up. 


This is how I bought it
- 1300cc 4K 
- heat wrapped extractors
- Some querky barely attached mushroom filter setup 
- Eagle 8.0mm ignition leads
- New Carb that needs tuning
- New points, condenser & dizzy cap 
- Came with free oil leaks from dizzy o-ring that felt like rock and from an invisible sump washer :/ 
- Custom fitted R33 strut brace
- Somewhat custom 2"ish exhaust, one Coby resonator (NZ made!) an H&R resonator and an unknown twin tip Back box. 

Drive line:
- K50 5 Speed gearbox
- Standard diff and drive shaft 
- New Wheels bearings

Suspension & Wheels:
- Cobra lowering springs all round (NZ MADE e10216.gif )
- rear kyb shocks / standard fronts
- Nolathane sway bar bushes 
- 3 X Nolathane bottom arm bushes + 1 X standard bush thrown in with a random square washer that barely missed the hub on full lock e10215.gif 
- 15 x 6 from what i believe Cressida Factory Toyota wheels wrapped in Achilles 195/50R15's all new tread

- Factory option Rear windscreen wiper and de-fogger 
- Analog clock
- Central Locking!
- rear tinted windows
- useless shift light
- factory 8k Rpm Tachometer 
- heinous shift knob and boot 
- angry birds plush toy thing 
- sport style steering wheel

I.C.E (best bit):
- Pioneer DEH-4550BT Bluetooth headunit w/usb & aux unput 
- JVC 230W 6.5" front speakers
- JVC 310W? 6x9 rear speakers
- JVC 800W Amp
- JVC 1200W 12" Sub 

- day time running lights in bumper 
- led park lights and indicators 
- replacement semi-sealed headlamps with bright white halogen bulbs 
- front grill replaced with mesh :/ 
- Unknown NZ Made front lip also came with sideskirts and end caps 

Soon as i got home the shift light and gearknob was out, followed by fixing the oil leaks, tightening up not even tight tie-rod end nuts and missing split pins...
Thats all the was wrong with it mechanically though, everything pritty well sound. 


Biggest rust patch found so far, only as big as an nz 50c coin

I've already got a new/old front grill on its way, so started prepping and painting the light surrounds in Graphite metallic for now

final coat then tomorrow it gets Plastic clear coated

Also need to replace the key barrel switch as they had to rig up a 12v feed to the coil via external button whilst cranking as I found out today.

Great to work on as everything is very simple but just need to replace the alarm they have in it as its only being used for remote central locking atm and clean up a bunch of other wires but no biggie. 


So this is pritty much where i'm at for now, im going to get the rust cut out but pending on how much people will charge i might just do it myself along with painting the car.

Future plans:
- Obviously putting my new 20v in and mate up a T50 (now looking at going for a w55) gearbox using the T3 4age conversion mounts and customize the gearbox x-member.
- Hilux/AE86 clutch master cylinder & custom Pedal box to suit.
- Custom drive shaft to either a MA60,RA65 Celica supra, AE86 or hilux LSD rearend then get it all shortened w/rear disc's
- Going to work with Barry from MRP to Have a set of coilovers made 
- T3 4 link rose joint suspension arms 

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Managed to score a few things brand new from toyota for the kp still:

- New Guard indicators to get rid of the querky LED ones

- Front windscreen rubber

- front windscreen mouldings (TBC)

- dome light lens


My engine build thread from another forum:


What i've done/going to be done: 
- honed the bores, measured and all at min spec which is great
- new Crankshaft polished/balanced
- will balance the pistons, piston pins

- forged conrods
- polishing the intake and exhaust ports
- Lap the valves
- strip everything back to bare metal (get rid of the 20 years worth of gunge)
- TRD Big end and main bearings
- TRD 0.8mm Headgasket 
- TRD oil filter 
- TGP oil pump 
- TGP piston rings
- TGP Cambelt, tensioner, idler
- TGP Seal/gasket kit
- TGP Water pump 
- ARP Rod Bolts, Headbolts, Flywheel bolts
- Looking at Kelford cams atm w/Link G4 atom ecu

Will be adding/modifying the list as i go.


I found the exhaust ports have very bad casting marks & sharpish edges which had to go 







Having to get a new crankshaft as my knife edged one will not suit the rpm range im wanting to go.

So i've got two things on the go at the moment, having to go without a lot of stuff but will definitely be worth it in the end! 

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Received my new front grill, just need to find a badge to finish it off. 

Just sprayed it with adhesive promoter then run out of filler primer half way through spraying :/



Started on the wing mirrors after testing the black paint I had on my starlet badge






not sure how someone could think it was cool to fit this in a kp!









Buying a new/old crankshaft for the 4AGE then have it balanced as word of Barry from MRP my knife-edged Crank will create too much harmonic imbalance at 9500rpm ;) yes thats my target!


Also found a W55 once the guy removes it from the vehicle 

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Finally got around to removing the front guard and seeing what rust there it to be removed



Seems to have had a bit of under sealing going on which was promising but then where it hadn't been sealed I found small amounts of rust :(





will have to check the other side but because i'm so picky i'll remove the rust myself, something which i'm very wary about but I know a few people who a well clued up on how to go about it. 


Another thing I found was that the top of the guard was stuck down with some sort of sealant from the factory, has anyone else found this on their nz new kp's?? right p.i.a to get the guard off but I think I might put new sealant on when she goes back together for rust protection etc.




yet again I got half way through putting the baseish coat on and I run out of paint! (please excuse the mess, was painting on dad's side of the garage ;)P1120689_zps1ebdf9bf.jpg


Few other things have arrived, New front windscreen seal, dome light lens, RHS guard indicator assembly but still waiting on the other side, and another crankshaft as my knife edged one wont suit my purpose. 

So if anyones wanting a mint knife edged/polished/balanced 20v crank ;)



I'm told my W55 should hopefully be out of the current vehicle this weekend  :D

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Things have been pritty slow lately on the kp since my daily got backed into by some old geezer :/



never-the-less my new parts arrived :D





finally got around the finish off spraying the front grill:



Providing this guy cuts off the yoke for the W55 it should be here this friday!

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Finished spraying the Front grill and fitted the new interior lens and guard indicators after realizing i needed to buy a set of clips for it too!!



Borrowed a set of SSR MKII's, got the 'old school wheel bug' now! 

when I get back i'll probably get a set of Advan A3A's from japland.


Oh and awesome news my W55 & roof spoiler is on its way finally!!!! Once the spoiler arrives i'll fit the sideskirts at the same time.

Been trying to nut out what the best colour would be to respray it in but looking at it now I'm digging the factory colour, thoughts?

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May aswell keep the kp threads updated.


The apparent W55 gearbox arrived on friday, Stripped it apart for curiosity and turns out the gearbox is an absolute stunner! 

no munched gears etc, not too fussed about syncros as i'll replace the whole lot and bearings with a well priced kit I found overseas. 




I wanted to double check it was a 55 as it had a steel mid plate but i've herd that 55's do come with them so I calculated the gear ratios, great news it turns out its a W57!! 





Photos and 20+ years of sludge doesn't do it justice, everything is pristine.

Also on the hunt for a front facing shifter housing/lever, if I can't find anything second hand I'll just get a new one. 


Going over to the Philippines for the next month so thread will be quiet till I get back, here's a list of shit I have to do once I get back:


- Cut out rust and re-spray the body

- Buy 4A-GE conversion mounts, 1G starter motor + adaptor, niteparts bell housing, hydraulic release bearing, shortened LSD Hilux diff, Forged conrods & pistons? might just have stock ones ceramic + teflon coated, new cams, gears, ecu etc etc etc.


My goal is to have this all done in two years from when I get back, Will be a lot of going with-out and hard work but definitely worth it. 

Some may think its way too much to be put into a kp, but I figure if I ever do get an AE86 or TE71 (life time dream) I'll keep the whole drive train and put it into the new car.

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*Picture-less update*


Recieved my Niteparts bellhousing and release bearing extension, not going for hydraulic release bearing as I scored a hydro fork setup for a good price.


Spoiler arrived from T3 and bought another kp chassis repair manual :D 


KP shell will be here this weekend for rust cuts and hydro clutch setup, Big thanks Kurt!



Will update soon with smaller pictures from now on. 

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Right P.I.A to get all the 'dyna-mat' type sound deadening out to check for rust, sliced my hands open a few times. 

too lazy to wear gloves i know..


found some light rust here and there





Windscreen out, found a little rust but not major



Fitted the set of fog lights a bought from the Philippines for $5nzd for the set!



Also the shell from Kurt arrived today, thanks again! :)



Will get stuck in to it through out the week hopefully, slowly working my way through it. 

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Keep the Kp threads alive


Stripped the ol girl bare! (dash still to come out next)





unfortunately found more rust than I expected







Will keep updating as progress carries on, borrowed works mig welder for the weekend so will try get most of the rust cut out hopefully. 

The Hawkes bay heats getting a bit intense at the moment, Philippine weather! :D


Anyone have any extra tips for welding panel steel?

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ok so I will be the first one to say yes a Seagull did just land here but hey was my very first attempt with welding panel steel on a car. 

just under-lapped the new piece to make it easier to weld on and will bog over to finish.


Welding under 30 degree heat isn't too fun but its gotta be done!  


oh yeah, if someone wants the front windscreen moulding you can have it for nothing just pay postage, its all there and in mint condition just the clear lacquer over coat type stuff needs to have the rest peeled off and re-done.

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Got rid of the crap 









Gearbox parts Nearly finished, Currently have:

Niteparts W-4AGE bellhousing

Niteparts Clutch release bearings extender

Niteparts 1G starter adaptor

T50 Slave cylinder

AE86 T50 Backing plate

AE86 T50 bellhousing stiffener braces

Thanks to matt_spitfire for the front position shifter housing

Also thanks to al_feinted for the 1G starter motor


Just need to check the input shaft bearing number to get my rebuild kit and a TRS shifter. 

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Picked up a set of genuine Advan 14x6 15p ADA's/YG's for nothing! saved them from being crushed by some koon in wairoa of all places. 

will get stuck in and polish them up soon




Couldnt help myself..



Will put up my set of cressida wheels & new tyres for sale soon



Also buying a T series diff with kp mounts next week, will have to figure something out with the extra wide track but its worth it!

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More rust cutting




Hating on rust right now, ended up here waiting on a few bits for my dremel then can finish it all up! 


Bolted on T3 spoiler, cut rear springs, pumped out guards a little, home style fitted a tyre onto my ADA then of course...went for a fail open diff skid! 





tyre popin! *tilt head sideways*


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Dremel bits arrived today so went mad and cut all the rust out besides a few easy bits on the back.
















Drowned all the cuts with rustkill till I get the welder from work tomorrow hopefully.


T series rear end with kp mounts will be here next week as well, comes with a locked & open, 4.3 & 4.7 cw & p. Will get an lsd from japan later on, not paying 86 tax 

Also purchased the EFI fuel tank from trademe, make life a little easier. 

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More boring stuff but keeps me motivated posting on my thread.





its disgusting welds but its hard to get it good with a bare minimum spec'ed gas-mig welder. 

Takes for ever fabricating up bits and getting it right, took about 2 hr's making up the section for the water drain area.


I'm finding it highly addicting pressing in the clutch multiple times rapidly whilst the car is moving in the wrong direction.... 

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Slowly picking up on it...theeen I had to run out of gas!!!




TE71 T series arrived ready to bolt in, stripped it apart the day I got it and one of the axles is abit meh, its probably fine but I already had intentions to run kouki axles anyway.

Also have the KP61 EFI fuel tank on the way aswell.

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Shotty phone pic dump









One more really awkward piece to weld in then im 99% done with rust!


purchased a new front lip as per example photo



Borrowed a guard roller and spent all night pushing out the rear guards to give room for the wider track t series. still dont think it's enough but will get a set of coilovers soon to raise it back up again. 


I'm sure theres something else but can't remember right now haha. 

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