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1957 Ford Prefect - Grandma Spec

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Hey, My names Laura


This Is my 1957 Ford Prefect. have had it for about two years now.




Its was pulled off an old lady's lawn up in Auckland, not running but in fair condition, with a few leaks.

With help form Dad and my brother (Jasonk) we got it running, after a few little fires.................little







The motor is a Flat Head 4 cylinder (with twin horns!), Factory 6 volt, but has been converted to 12 volt.

It wasnt running when it first came home, but some hours were spent on the engine and she now purrs like a 50s sewing machine! just to name a few things -

A new head gasket has been hand cut, dad broke the original headers just by looking at them, so prompted him to fabricate some extractors, new points, condenser, leads, plugs, custom diamond plate radiator hose mount, radiator hoses, carb strip down.







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Its currently needs re-vinning, then in for a wof.








It was pretty leaky on a rainy day, so we got new window rubbers and fitted them to sort the leaks as it was living outside at the time.

I sanded back the floor and applied rust kill, then painted the whole floor multiple times, the underneath was done with underseal, after a few rust patches were welded in by JasonK




The interior was in pretty good condition, however the hood lining is a bit rotten and the carpets were beyond salvageable, so I just covered the tunnel in red vinyl and used house carpet to recover it.







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Just a quick little update.

Just been talking to dad who took her for a drive today getting it ready for Monday when it goes in for vinning. Unfortunately he said the brakes are not amazing but will work on them. Fingers still crossed to have her all legal and at hawkes boes.

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