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So it's been ages since I've updated this. In short the rust repair turned out shit, needs to be done again, but the turbo 360 is well underway. I've sourced me a block and head and correct sump, turbo, manifold, full wiring loom and computers, so yes, I brought a 940 turbo. Still hot to import some things like flywheel over the ditch, engine mounts in England, and then get it all bolted together and in. Wiring is half installed. Pics when I can!!

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So I was told I should update this thing, and judging by my last update was 11 months ago, it's probably not a stupid idea. So progress has been VERRRRYYÝYY slow, as I've 3 jobs and selling volvo parts too, all of which keeps my busy, and tired.

So I've finally got an engine stand yesterday, and put my B234 block up on it. Today I shall start pulling it down to inspect it, make sure she's alright. Once it's reassembled best it can be, I'll do the same with the dohc head.

So in short I'm building (at this stage) a 2.3L twin cam twin turbo 360, hopefully good for around 25-270 hp, that's my goal for now anyway. Just as long as it has more power than the 850R basically lol. 240 horse is fine on a fwd with lsd. Put the bitch in sport in second, put your foot in it and watch your tyres disintegrate, but that power in a small (ish) 50/50 weighted car??

Body wise nothings happened. Except it's got a mk 1 golf front lip and Is now on black 17s with a chrome lip, rather than the old 16s (I've 4 sets of wheels, so they change every now and then) I have decided on metallic white, heavy on the flake, which my uncle is gonna do. He also told me of a way to ditch the intercooler, so no lag, and have the intake air cooler than an intercooler would make it anyway, so that's my little secret ;P

Anyway will update again once there's some more serious engine updates or I start the wiring. Should be fun :)

PS. I don't know how to upload photos off my cell, so once I can figure away I'll do pictures

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But seriously though, the old girl is on 17's with a top tailgate spoiler.

No engine in it yet. I have an 83 760 with a forged B23ET sitting at home ready to go in. Got a plug & play loom in from england so i can run a new OS. Next is to get the flywheel machined and re-drilled, then get the clutch kit in from england. 

Then progress can really begin.

Next update next year lol


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