OldNathans MX41 Mark II Grande

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Out with the old and in with the new I guess. Before this one gets started, as most would know old brown is sold but not forgotten. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone that help with advice, labour and parts supply for that build. You know who you are.

Next please.

So even though the RX30 was my first love, I was limited with what I wanted from her. Always dreamed of a MX41 JDM version for the fact of IRS, Aircon and power steering electric windows etc. And an amazing interior. And with the help from Crustywhip and Rupz (SKOOLN) I now have one.

So far Im planning on paneling and painting her back to her former green glory but that will be after she is going.

Currently deregistered, so I have taken the front windscreen out to do a few small rust repairs. There were a few parts missing when I got it, but the next day managed to pillage pretty much everything I needed off a few Cressida wrecks I knew of. Lights, mirrors, manual pedal box etc.

On the way home I spotted a SX60 at a wreckers so I went back the next day. Grabbed the fender mirrors and the full W55 manual conversion so Im all set to go. Well now that I have purchased a bellhousing/flywheel etc to go from W55 to M series off HighLUX I am. But this will be after the re vin.

Motor is a M-EU 2.0 6cyl.

Future plans will be one of the UZ family again. Will all depend on how funds go on this one and may take a bit longer. So for a while she will be some form of deep dish 14's and manual with the stock engine.

Here she is....



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Rights its time I added to this.


So pulled the screen out to find a huge amount of rust in behind the firewall. Just the other night i finally got a mate of mine who is a professional panel beater/painter to asses the damage. No major for him, so tomorrow he starts the mission. Shes getting all the rust cut out etc. Full panel with filler primer coat and then sprayed factory green in a booth.


So the motivation took hold and I started to again strip it further. Have most of the chrome off and hood lining ready to come out to lap out the dents as well. 


As she sits....




Also have managed to get some factory MX41 mirrors ready to fit after painting. Aslo a full set of factory Mark 2 Grande badges. Not cheap from Japan. Got the front over riders off the old Cressida (yeah the one that met its demise). Also all the manual gear ready to go. 


Also got a M-TEU off crustywhip that might find its home under the hood. This is all to cruise round in until I get the 3uz sorted.


Oh also purchased my ld longchamps off my old Cressida (thankfully before it was rolled) so they will make their way on for a while. 



More updates to start rolling in in the next few weeks Im sure. Watch this space.

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Full credit has to go to my mate Wayne at Total Image Customs. He is a machine and plowing through this car. Should be ready for spray fill in a week or so. Not to bad at all for after hours work!

Just the welding to do now and its back onto the panels to finish them up. Every piece of rust will have been cut out and the whole piece behind the firewall has been rust killed so this will never happen again. 







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Rust hole is finished and primer and underseal applied.







Wayne had a big weekend an then last night the car gain 9kg in weight. 4 litres of spray filler.















Next step is to mask off the jams an spray them in green in the next few days. Then block back the car read for paint. 

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So close now. Few wiring issues but slowly getting there. Determined to try and get this on road for labour weekend. Need to work out why the taillights arent working and add a horn. Hanging out to drive her. And slam her




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Flew through revin, just required a repair cert for the rust and chassis repairs. Gave the certifier the pictures of the repairs and he looked over the car. Passed with flying colours and gets its new plates when im back from the South island on Tuesday. Will get some more pictures up then because words are boring.

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