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Brennan's Toyota Corolla Beams 3sge Ke70


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Hey guys, new to oldschool, went to your gymkhana at the tui brewery earlier in the year and ever since have been meaning to get on your forums.

My first car was a 86 2door wagon, 4k with 500,000+ k's on the clock.

I then upgraded to a redtop 4age 83 sedan, after a year or so, for some dumb reason i sold it. And have regretted it ever since. 



Anyways, since then, i bought this mint as ke70 GL (minus 4k and box, but only 110,000kms?) of a mate at the start of the year.
it has sat in the shed under cover since, while i have completed my engineering course, that is now over and i am about to start a full time job, and i am itching to get in and start this project.

Plans at this stage are:
-altezza Beams 3sge with 6 speed, maybe quad throttle bodies 
-wilwood brakes and pedels 
-hilux diff 
-big suspension upgrade, sway bars, Coilovers etc. 
-clean shaven engine bay
-bucket seats
-front lip spoiler 
-Ducktail spoiler 
-and probly much more...

In the last week i started building this mould for a front lip spoiler/splitter for the ke70 and should hopefully be going into production soon.


Cheers :D



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found out the other draughtman at work has a mx5 subframe, diff etc, sitting in his garage, that he was going to use in his lotus 7 replica. got me the measurements and its 1500 from hub face to hub face.

So if the dx live axel is 1410ish then its only 45mm per side wider.
i am hoping that by time i get some camber on it the top should be a little less than 45mm to wide.


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ordered a engine, should hopefully be here very early this week.

Also received the donation of some rims today.


Just what i wanted, plan is to widen the outer lip, for an overall width of 9-9.5 inches,
powdercoat in white or maybe black. and stretch on some decent tyres.

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visted every wrecker i passed in palmy today, hunting out a


but nothing what so ever. :(

Ended up at a volvo wrecker down in the ashhurst and measured up a rear diff of sum of the older ones and got about 1390-1430 so pretty dam perfect. No lsd's in stock though.

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Got some dry ice (after convincing Boc that I wasn't making bombs) and did the old freeze and bash out the sound deadening, worked a treat.


Purchased a aluminum Evo 6 radiator that will hopefully fit tomorrow


Also talked to the auto electrician and there is doubt that the Altezza ecu will be able to be wired up to run the engine with out the dash cluster etc etc. so may need a link g4? And if I go that way and spend that much will be going with itb's, argh.
Anyone know of any beams 3sge conversions that have worked with factory ecu? Cheers

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so decided to go with the link computer, invest for the future instead of trying to get the original ecu working.
Decided to go with some independent throttle bodies.
Got some silvertop itb's thanks to Fliboi.
My Personal Pattern Maker (father) is keen to make some Beams to 4age itb manifolds out of cast aluminum.

this will also allow more room for the clutch master cylinder, and the brake master, not that it really needs it.

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picked up my new diff finally. 1400mm wide, 10mm narrower than the standard corolla(More Dish :o ). Way beefier and should be able to drop a locker in there.


My new silver top quads also turned up also thanks to fliboi. Now to make some cast manifolds.

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Looking at the new diff today and trying to decide which route to go down for the suspension.

Really like the look and price and what i have read about hsd coilovers.
So get some Ae86 ones for it? (i have read the steering arms may need to be changed to work? Anything else? what about the back spring mounts?

OR cut the ke70 springs a little and get some heavy duty short stroke shocks??

Leaning towards the HSD's as long as i dont have to search the country for ae86 parts to make them work.

Also looking towards cressida front brake setup anybody know if these will be able to be adapted to the ae86/ke70.

Ke70 Discussion

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