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Truenotch's Toyota MR2 AW11 Beams race car


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Basically the story goes:

I picked up an AW11 from a car club mate who is into gravel and was screaming out for rally, but unfortunately for him the car he bought had a lot of rust + was de-registered already. The good things it had were the MR layout, the 4AGE and the Homologated cage.

It seemed to him that he could fix the rust and get the car re-vinned for the road but it wasn't to be. They did a lot of work on it and gave it a paint job (Not the greatest but fine). He failed a couple of certs and then decided to just use the car for Club and track events.

This was it at a classic meet at Manfeild:


Then when the chance came up he bought himself a tidy 4k starlet rally car and left the Blue MR2 on his lawn for Ages (With run bottom end and stuffed rings). And, after chatting at a club event he mentioned that it was doing nothing and taking up space (that he needed for his 21st). So it became mine.

Received it like this:


And played with / cleaned it a bit:





Now for the power and gearbox department I've put in some coin for this (Cheers to RomanV) :


And am going to use the kyb shocks, TRD springs, Super charger brakes w/mintex pads and RP01's with semi slicks that I already have.

Will still be a cheap competition car at the end of the day and will be quite competitive aswell.h

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Finally got the car at home, needs paint work done... stickers stuck to the paint... paint didn't stick to the body...



Beams is sitting in the shed waiting to be used.... the old engine will be out next weekend to make some space.


Cusco coil overs from a ZZW30, modified for AW11.


Will most likely going to convert to 5 stud. There seem to be better wheel options in good sizes and offsets. Going to run 17's with Mini Challenge full slicks, and will source some 15's / 16's for semi slicks or wets.


Either those or ProN1's.

Picked it all up in this and drove back from hamilton... on the bump stops.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Old engine is out now thanks to Escorta and Flawles helping out, had fun with 2 jacks, a seatbelt, some blocks of wood and heaps of determination:


Other things to happen have been getting the flywheel machined (before pic)


Test fitting 4 stud hubs to a 5 stud axle:


And painting stuff:


Should have a clutch by the end of the week, and will do the cam belt one night after work. Should have the engine / box ready to test fit in a week, and will hopefully be making fitments within 2 weeks.

.... Heres hoping it will be ready for trackday......

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