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palmystars 82 EX Lancer

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  • 2 months later...

So engine is toast. No surprises there really. was nearly using as much oil as petrol. :lol: So out it comes. going to pull it down and decide where to go from there. Unsure if i want to go forged pistons yet. and may go DOHC but have not decided on that either.




Dirty arse engine bay. May have had a leak or 10


So Developing a list of things to do:

firstly clean engine bay.

If i stay SOHC i will modify plenum and add a bigger throttle body out of a commodore or something.

tidy wiring and replace plugs with something not shit.

Make alloy intercooler piping.

make nice stainless heat sheild.

Cut shit out so radiator gets more airflow.

Udgrade fuel pump and lines and add a surge tank. sick of loosing power around corners.

Find a good lsd and get new drive shaft made up.

Sort out some decent suspension

Im sure i will find more to do aswell.

then once engine built and back in will tune it for 20+psi and do skids :twisted:

Family pic... just cos


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  • 3 years later...

Digging this thread up from the grave as i have dug the car out from the back of the garage.  Only been 4 years since last update.  Plans have changed somewhat since then.  Now just aiming to get the car running well and back on the road and will most likely be looking to sell. I have stolen a good starion engine from my brother and will use that to get it running.  Also going to paint the car one colour as not keen on the 2 tone paint scheme.


Anyway some progress made today:





hopefully i can managed regular progress and updates.  Not a huge amount of work required to get it up to scratch.



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  • 3 months later...

Well slow progress as usual. A few things to tidy up. need to get the intake modified to accommodate a bigger throttle body.  it was running a standard non turbo galant throttle body which is pretty restrictive.

Old verse new. not going huge just matching to the inter cooler pipe size.



Using better intercooler hoses and going to mount intercooler better(not just hanging from the top).



Going to re do the engine bay wiring with better plugs as it is currently pretty messy and was never reliable.



Prob another updat in a couple weeks.

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  • 8 months later...

Have made a little progress over the last few months. Have managed to join the throttle body to the manifold. and then get it all installed on the engine. Intercooler piping has been but in aswell. Still need to re wire the loom with new plugs and a few other small jobs to get it running.






Hopefully more progress and another update soon.

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  • 1 year later...

Been another good break from this car. Moved to Napier from Palmy July last year and left the car at the olds for "a couple of weeks".  Over a year later finally managed to get the car to Napier after the missus sold a car to free up the space. 

Before i moved i managed to get the car running.  Still a little work required to get it road legal but shouldn't need anything crazy. 

In the mean time here's proof it runs.


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  • 7 months later...

Well going backwards as usual. Wiring is such a mess I am starting again. Too many plugs and crap. Will also shorten the loom instead of running it around through the guard. 





Also need to fix the radiator mounts, put a fan on the radiator and fit a thermo switch.

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wow 2 updates in the same year. that's a record.

Am rather time poor atm so progress is slow. Loom has been pulled out. for some reason i had been adding plugs here, there and everywhere. the pic is a small percentage of the messiness.


Loom after about 5 unnecessary plugs cut off. Will be bringing it straight through the firewall so will be shedding allot of length.


Aiming to make the wiring as simple as possible. i was having random issues that were because of the over complicated wiring i think. Hoping to have engine running again in the next few weeks.

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  • 4 weeks later...

made a little progress. cut all the plugs off the loom and ran it directly through the firewall instead of around. as the picture shows i can trim allot of fat off it now.


measured it up, pulled it back out and added the plugs for everything in the engine bay. it has been simplified allot and will hopefully be more reliable. and also have much less of a presence in the engine bay.


So i can put the loom back in, do a final check and tape it up nice and neatly. I also have to finalize the coil position and wiring. I will also add some fuses as i found i had a few unfused feeds for coil, injectors and so on. Then a few other little things to tidy up and hopefully it will be a runner.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Progress has been made. well a little anyway.  I completed the loom and taped it all up. looks heaps better now.

mess before.


and after


also blanked off the egr port


Plan was to weld something there. but after getting all set up found that the argon bottle was empty. so a temporary fix for now.

Also cut the heater return line that runs under the turbo right down as the heater leaks anyway so it inst needed and took up to much space. Both that and the EGR delete has opened up allot of space at the back of the intake manifold.


Then came time to start the car. Was trying for a while with no luck. laptop showed good trigger signals and ignition and injector test proved everything was working but the car refused to fire. A spray of MAF sensor cleaner into the manifold yielded some sign of life but not enough to get the car running. Add in the timing sitting at an unknown angle and you have a good recipe to set the car on fire. Luckily it wasn't a major and i managed to pat the flames out with a rag, but with images of another video i have seen of an mx5 owner unable to extinguish a fire in similar circumstances i  decided this was not the way to go.  I then remembered the car has not had any fuel put into it since around the july 2017 update so maybe time to drain the fuel tank and put some fresh fuel in.


so i drained the tank. Quite easy to do when i can just switch the pump on with the laptop connected.  so the tank drained and i switched the pump off as soon as i heard the tone change, put in some fresh 98 and turned the key to prime the pump. The pump didn't sound right. Tried a couple more times and no joy. Bugger fuel pump had crapped itself. It is the factory starion pump so it was due for replacement.  So i replaced it with a high volume fuel miser pump. I was going to run a bosch 044 but the price was right for this pump  and it was rated for a turbo application. 

So new pump fitted and it primed up nicely so it was again time to start the car. I turned it over and it was trying but pretty reluctant.  it finally fired and proceeded the run like a hairy arse. A few more goes at running the engine i noticed the fuel table was only moving along the horizontal axis. No MAP.  Checked settings and no internal MAP turned on. WTF i thought and turned map on in analog input 5.  Straight to an error reading. Shit maybe it was meant to be on 4. Nope no reading. Double checked book and yep. meant to be on 5. Back on and attempt to calibrate. Link says NO.  Shit had me thinking and frustrated a little. Then remembered i had encountered this before. After a firmware update the fault settings for the analog inputs changes to weird values. I should have picked this up straight away as i had just previously had to change the ECT values for the same reason. Now with values set correctly it let me calibrate the MAP sensor. Success!  

Now to run this car. it started less reluctantly and ran long enough for me to adjust the dizzy to get the timing somewhere near where it needs to be.  Set timing by ear and let car run. then after around 20 seconds rev limiter initiates and car dies. WTF again. it was just idling. Repeat about for times. Start getting mad. Check trigger settings. Trigger 2 set for 4x cam. cool. trigger 1 set for 1x crank. O.. it is running off the cam so kinda suprised it ran at all. May also explain mixture leanness possibly? wasn't sure. At this stage i thought fuck it. I had a file for the car saved from when i knew it actually ran. so instead of mucking around i just loaded the old settings in and went from there. and what do you know the car ran. and kept running. YAY!!

So today i had to get the car to my work which is around 15km.  And had to do it by driving it. Loaded the bike in the back. filled the water and let it run for a bit and set the timing with a light. was only 4 degrees out.  Only started and ran on 3 cylinders. O well prob a fouled plug. Though i better take the laptop so plugged it in and off i went. A few minutes up the road i noticed the car was cruising very lean, like 16.5:1 lean. Still on 3 cylinders i made it to a BP. topped up with some fuel and then Highlighted the bottom half of the fuel map and page upped until i was satisfied i would be a safer mixture. fired it back up and set off again. still on 3 cylinders and realizing i had forgotten to inflate the tires at the BP which were at 10psi. haha O well.  at least the air fuel looked allot better.   As i was entering a 100k zone the last cylinder joined us. Better late than never aye. car felt pretty smooth now.  wanted to give it some but balloon tires and low psi felt kinda dodgy.  Made it out to work. Put air in the tires. unloaded shit and decided to go up the road.  With eyes on the o2 reading and kinda watching the road i lent on it a bit. air/fuel ratios looked acceptable so i lent on it some more. Wow. this is the first time boosting it since the bigger throttle body was put on.  it has made a big difference to turbo response from what i can remember. And car actually goes really well. Still only running 9-10psi.  with the speedo climbing faster than i think it ever has i decided that was enough fun for the day and put the car away in the workshop.   I still need to take it out for a good tuning run anyway. 


So Basically the car drives but in a way i haven't made much progress. Just went backwards and now back to where i was before, with a little improvement. haha and the concludes today's long winded story.

Thanks for reading. :-)

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  • 1 month later...

Had the boss look over the car to see what it needs for a WOF.  Not allot required really. A tiny bit of rust repaired, a light fixed and rear axle seal and bearing replaced. 

Pulled axle out today to have a look. Bearing has seen better days i think.


Will get stuff done to get a wof over the next few weeks. im not really to fussed about having this road legal. Don't even know when i will drive it.


Also have dragged my Starion out from storage and will be starting some work on that very soon. Just have to organise my garage a little.

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  • 1 year later...

Decided in the end to not bother getting a wof.  I don't think i would drive it much, if at all anyway.  It is going to become a competition car.  I am going to build it for gravel sprints i think and will prob have the odd track outing aswell. 

So have begun by stripping the interior. Still have to pull dash out and center console.  I will be looking at putting a cage in it in the near future. 


As far as i am aware this is the only rust in the car.  Passengers footwell.


I will need to start removing the sound deadening. Looking forward to that. 

Also have space for the starion in this shed so need to get that moved in aswell and then i can slowly chip away at them both.

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