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palmystars 82 EX Lancer

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Recently got my lancer on the road. but is still far from finished so heres what has been done so far.

It started life as a stock 1200 as most do. kept it in this state for around a year and then decided i needed something a little quicker. i was on a very small budget at the time so my cheapest option was to put a starion engine and gearbox in as my brother had recently written his off so brought the wrecked car off him for $300. good start. put the engine and gearbox in and running and drove it around as it was until the wof expired. Two years later after allot of gathering dust i finally got a cert and a wof.



Can't find any pics from before or during the conversion so will start from the start of the cert process.

Discussion https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21812-palmystars-ex-lancer/&


While deciding on what suspension to use it was left with no springs sitting on 14s with low profiles.


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Then it was time to make it look a little better.

Started by painting behind the front bumper and grill. mainly to prevent rust.


Then decided it could use a black roof.


Didn't like the exhaust going over the diff so made a new one from the flexi back keeping it as straight as possible.


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Then onto the wheels. Had sold the previous 14s with the low profile tyres because they shortened the gearing two much. So had a set of white 14s with larger tyres on them.


Time to spruce them up a little.

Started with taking the centres out and polishing the lips.



Then painted the insides black



Also decided i needed a black bonnet to match the roof.



So far has come together nicely.


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Decided to get rid of the shitty 1200 gauge cluster and replace with a 1600 one which has a tacho and oil pressure. was hoping it would be a straight swap but they had different plugs so had to do some wiring.


Looks way better and saves me heaps on aftermarket gauges


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Finall got around to doing some work on th ex today. Have had enough of not having it going so time to change that.

Started by pulling head off and replacing it with the head off my starion for now.

Under rocker cover is soo clean compared to head i took off it. Guess thats what you get when only done 50000ks since new.


like the red rocker cover . Looks way better than the black one in my opinion.


Now need to find an intake manifold. And need to buy a link.

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still havn't done much recently. was gona use a l300 manifold for a multipoint conversion but couldn't find one and glad i didn't as did a bit more research and found i could use a manifold from an 8 valve galant. so went to the wreckers and they had atleast 4 of the moddel i was after sitting around. so got the manifold for $40 which i thought was pretty cheap.



Manifold is away atm to be cut and shut to face the right direction.

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Went into speedworks today to see how much a link g3 would be. they don't sell them anymore so ended up buying a g4 link. should get that in a week or two. hoping to get manifold back this week and can get it all ready for the link. stole my brothers vr4 injectors so will use them for now.

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Been super lazy recently and havn't done anything for about 4 months.

Have got manifold on now and link 95% wired up.

Brought a radiator this week which only squeezes in by about 2mm. Going to have to redo pipe into throttle body so can connect top radiator hose.



Aim to have car running and road legal in two weeks so need to get off my lazy arse and do some work.

I want this going so i can finally get to work on my starion.

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Havn't done much in ages except recently moved to danevirke due to work. Thats sorta suck but now i have a decent garage so now the lancer and the starion finally get to keep each other company. Hopefully having both of them in the garage will motivate me to get something done.


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Another update without pics.

Car is now fully road legal. Had running for a day and shitty trademe wastegate decided didn't want to play ball. brought a tial replacement so no longer a problem.

Replaced all inner and outer tie rods and lower ball joints.

Passed WOF with exhaust db reading of 96db. VTNZ man said it was within reason. i wasn't arguing.

Took out with brother and passport g timer for a base run. Still havn't finished fine tuning. Ran a 14.7 @ 95mph with brother still in car and backed off about half second before run was complete. Only did single run as i still only have standard 1600 diff and it is starting to make funny noises. Only running 10psi atm and will prob need rebuild before going to 16-18psi.

Will put pics up when i can. No internet at my house :(:(

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