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Seedy AL's 1973 Toyota Corolla KE25 Mega Hack

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So, as usual, I have another car to keep me busy (like I dont have enough already)

Anyway, its a 1973 Corolla coupe, could be an sl, could be an sr, who really knows (because i sure dont). Bought it off trade me like, 6 months ago i guess, and has been in diffrent states of repair since then. Givian that i just sold my Datsun Ute, I needed a daily driver, so I hav started getting back into this one. Have fixed all the rust around the front chassis member, un the radiator, where they all rust, and am getting into getting the car all together again.

So, its a little rough, but its all there, chrome, is all there and everything, but it looks like its had a bit of bog work in the past, and its been sitting since 2001, so great. looks rough, could be why I like it so much.

Anyway.... The Plan.

- Get wof,

- Lower The whore, it rides like a piece, suspention is sagging on the drivers side, usual story. Have a mate with retensioned and lowered springs for rear, and can use other springs in the front with shortened shocks.

- Buy flares

- buy a bucket seat, the origainal one pisses me off so much, its all busted and blah, so a new bucket will make it feel mean

- Buy 14 inch whels blanks of Cam, get some centers put in to match flaes and good off set.

- Go racing, I want this kinda set up as a club / hill climb car, so that should be fun.

this is all pretty much stage one.

First thing first is sorting out the locks, the boot lock had been fucked with a screw driver, so I had to get bruttle and rip the old lock out, giving that, needed a new lock, so bought a set of Solex locks through repco, yay. so putting those in tomorrow


Firstly, how it was looking at the start of todayish, semi re assebled, after doing the front rust,


A lovely picture of what the back looks like, Nice boot! will get some paint on that one


One crabby interior, Yum, cram seats and door cards, get that shit out of there, also, will be getting rid of carpet, because there is a leak somewhere, and the iside smells super bad and dirt like


Mega rippin 3kb, yeah, respeck to the 87 horse power! need to run this puppy on high octane, high comp motor for the win,


Solex locks, I like alot. For just a little peice of mind.


And how it all looked after todays mish,


So, tomorrow I will keep at it, and with some luck, be all wofed for the Friday,

Discussion Here



Seedy Al from Seedy Al's chop SHop

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well, did alittle more work on the whore today.

Got everything back on the car, and went about setting the tapets etc.

Took it more a really decent drive, and man, I love it. 3kb's are pretty good engines. they are crazy, needs a better carby though, some duoble valve springs, and get the extractors on the beast,

anyway, pics are what people want

Front on, De bumpered Boe!/ get fucked


Totally assembled, ready to kill, man this thing needs to be lower


Wetn about setting the taps, looks like this engine has been sitting a while, with no oil changes. Everything is covered in the lovely thick layer of oil, old grimy oil even, Makes me think maybe I shouldnt change the oil or filter, as this could dilodge a bit of oil oil gunk and make it run a bearing, which would suck. Also after taking for a bit drive, noticed small amounts of water residue in the rocker cover, so could be a head gasket jobby.


And mean Solex lock in the car, eat my locks bitch




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So I was bored last Night, so on my way home from Town, i thought I would pull of a high speed run to see what this little baby would do........ I got it upto 85 Miles an Hour,

Turns out, according to the cop that clocked me, it was 139km and hour.

In its curretn state thats about the fastest it would go, I still had 1500 revs to go before red line, but it just couldnt pull them, so maybe with better carbie and a decent exhuast it would make more speed.

SO anyway, i got pulled over, real nice cop, has a 68vw :D

Told me he had to do me for everything, due to my speed, which was speeding over 35m/h and not desplaying a rego sticker...... haha, SO $600 all up.

I didnt know, but you loose your lisence at 141km..... I was like, Fuck, thats lucky.....

Haha, I love corolla, its so going to make me loose my liscence. Oh and I lost 50 demerits, which is like, half of what you start of with.

Ahh, kids these days


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Yay, so exciting

Burnt out my starter Motor with Sparkle and Orge in the car. Got to party where bristo was kickin it. was mean, went to start car, nothing.

SO got starter motor out today, got a new one out of a later model machine, had to remove manifolds to drill holes out to fit new starter.

So, since manifolds are off, Im going to put extractors one, and make new mega exhausts.

Pics comming soone



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So, last saturday night, went for a drive with Sparkle and Caboona, and the all might starter motor crapped out, so Money, removed starter motor, tracked down new one.

So go to put it one, and Hey! Mounts up all diffrent, so I had to remove the manifold to get in there drill some holes,

So, this became a good time to fit the extractors i got, and build a new 2 inch exhaust

So after a week of evenings doing shit



Damn Wicked side pipe, good for blowing smoke ito Peoples drivers windows,


Seedy Al

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Small update

Car click round on the speedo yesterday


Also, the drivers side lower suspention arm bolt started falling out, but was saved by the steering arms.

Also it has a major leak out the main seal which i better fix soon, as on trips it uses mega amounts of oil

Also on the way Napier yesterday, I thought I would see what I could get on a bit of road, hit 90 miles an hour, and still had more in it, and that was with Pies and T bird in the car, and a full tank of gas, so Im happy, amazing with a decent zuast and some extractors can do




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yay, so exciting

Little piece has been leaking oil all over town, so thought I would finally fix it.

So, Thougt it was the front seal

But no

was the sump gasket, which I bought, and was wrong....... so it still leaks, after a few hours of work,

damn it

Oh well







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Small update,

Basicly just trying to keep the thing legal, so got a wof just before christmas after driving it un wofed for about 2 months.

ANyway, another story

I have some wheels for it now!


(sample pic olny)

They are ssr somethings, But I dont know there name. Basicly, I got them for free from a wreaker. Free, becasue I swapped them for some rover rims a was scrapping anyway.

so currently cleaning them up and painting them, and polishing the lips up.

Specs are 14x6 4x110 stud pattern, so a direct bolt on, and I have tires to roll on too.

So next step is to finish wheels,

fit tires

And then get lowering stuff, so It looks decent.

AAbout time too!


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Wheels all up in your face......

So these are the wheels I scored for the 25,

Firstly, how they all looked when I got them (not centers have been sprayed black, were gold)


Next, after a few hours on front of a sand blaster, got all the crap flacking paint off


Next, started sanding the lip with wet and dry sand paper and Keroscen



Final resualt after shit loads of sanding and finishing it up with autosol





But now I cant deside what colour to paint the centers, were going to redo in gloss black, but... now I really like the grey/ silver look

Any thoughts?



Seedy Al's Chop Shop

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So after spending half a life time polishing up those Sweet rims............

i bought these today


13x7.5 4x110

So direct bolt on. so sweet, good thing i already have some 175/50's to through on it

Should be mental

Does this mean I buy a roof rack now..........



Seedy Al's Chop Shop

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Alright you little bitches

its time for an update!

Recent descisson. seeing as I own two of these, I am selling this one, as I want to pay off prak ccoutn etc.

So the first step was to get a warrent

And it failed....

It failed on leaking shocks

No window washers.

bold front tires

And smokey exhuast

So....... To me this meant one thing

Its lowering time

So now it has ae-92 shocks in the front, with 50mm spacers (lowered front about 60mm)

And new facotry spec gas shocks in rear with brand new lowering blocks......

As for the smokey exhuast, it was more water than anything, this hasOne epic blown head gasket, well it did anyway, scored me a 5k, which I just finished bolting in, besides needing a new water pump, and it started straight away! was mad

So after that is tires. so what i thought would be wicked, would be the widended steels with 175/50's but, they are just too msall for this car....

Well thats a lie, they are mint, but would mean the car would have to be slammed 4 inches to make them even rmotely look good, which would put the chassis 50mm off the ground, Sounds mint I know! and aybe if I was keeping it I would... so maybe on my other one aye

Anyway. as they are a fail, i am going with my epic polished 14 ' ssr's

So yay


before I started mods




Sexy Rims


Bolted on (prtty dark)



Pic of other wheels


old 3kb comming out



And new current hight



More updates when i get tires for rims


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